I Wish Meghan McCain Would Stop Talking

“Why is Newt Gingrich on my news crawl this morning? Last time he was interesting I hadn’t hit puberty yet…” – Meghan McCain via Twitter

Wake up Meggie, I think I’ve got something to say to you…

This is a tough column to write, because I’ve always been a big fan of Meghan McCain, and would affectionately refer to her as the future ex-Mrs. Brodigan. I thought her blog was a great idea and an opportunity (among many others) her papa’s campaign failed to exploit. But this whole crusade of hers on what the Republican Party has to do…this is the same person who only became an R last Father’s Day as a publicity stunt for her blog, right?

I agree with her concept that we need to attract more people, and that we need to get back to the “big tent” where we don’t need to agree in lock step with each other on every issue. Personally speaking, I’m in favor of civil unions and would like to see the R’s discuss the environment in ways other then running around the table with our fingers in our ears screaming, “I’m not listening.” The GOP needs to have a vigorous debate to discuss what we are, where mistakes were made, and where we want to go. And I guess I would be willing to take her more seriously if she were, at any point, actually engaging Republicans in the debate.

Instead, as is the case with many who take up the “moderate” cause, she goes on liberal shows to tell liberal audiences that the GOP and anyone in it is old and sucks. The overall message is for Republicans to basically be Democrats, just be better at it. Never does she ever defend why she’s a Republican or make the case to an audience of people who aren’t why they should be. As for why she is still a Republicans and what she agrees with…that’s a good question. At no point does she ever say where she agrees with the GOP, other than a recent editorial where she said she hearted guns.

If you want to criticize Newt Gingrich for not having anything interesting to say, that’s all fine and dandy. Newt is also full of ideas and policy proposals, plus was just all bi-partisan and shit all up in the White House with the President, Mike Bloomberg, and Al Sharpton (yes, that Al Sharpton) to discuss education. If Newt has nothing worthwhile to say, what are some of Meghan McCain’s policy ideas? Where does she stand on lowering the corporate tax? What’s her position on card check? How about the recent debate over the torture memos? She claims to love the Republican Party…why?

Not to mention, her dad’s campaign is an example of why a more “moderate” party might not be the best thing for us. Everyone praised John McCain for his moderation and his bi-partisanship…until the day he became Barack Obama’s opponent. Then he was attacked by the media the same way they do every Republican (and as they do to other moderates like Olympia Snowe). The one chance he had to man up, to go back to Washington to tell everyone to take the bank bailout and shove it, he didn’t. He was going to lose anyway, but opposing the bailout would have let us hang on to three or four states, plus any congressional race we lost by less than 3%.

Instead, because he was afraid of being criticized for not being moderate, he hid in the corner.

Maybe when her book comes out she’s going to wow us with her depth on the issues, and will turn into one of the most important voices into the Republican Party. Maybe one day she’ll make the case to both Sean Hannity as well than Rachael Maddow, and not just look like every other self loathing Republican who gets a little extra media attention just for being the self loathing Republican du joir.

Until then, “everybody look at me, I listen to punk rock and am still a Republican” doesn’t impress me much.


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