With Apologies to Mitt Romney (No. 1 in a Series)

“It’s a very stark difference, and I think you’re going to find philosophically the American people will recognize that the bailouts, that the growth of government, is the wrong course for America and instead the principles of the Republican Party will keep America stronger with a brighter future.” – Gov. Mitt Romney

I’ve written this blog post before and have the sinking suspicion I’ll be writing it more than a few times over the course of the next few years, so we’ll call this the first in the series. This is where Mitt Romney gives an interview, pens an editorial, or says anything that makes all of us who hated on him in 2008 feel really, really fucking stupid.

This blog post is actually a two-fer. The first half is the economy, the obvious reason why M-Ro would have been the man to have for a candidate. Imagine if after Sept. 15th we had Mitt Romney as a candidate schooling Obama in the debates on the economy (unlike John McCain), not being afraid to fight back (again, unlike John McCain), and with both Michigan and New Hampshire to play with on the electoral map. Sure, Obama probably would have still one since change was coming and we are the change we’ve been waiting for and ch-ch-ch-changes (turn to face the strange) ch-ch-changes, but it would have been a hell of a lot closer and left us in better shape of a party.

But complaining aboot the 2008 elections is so…well, 2008. Let’s look at 2009. While many (too many IMHO) on our side look at Government Motors and screams “Socialism, fool!” Imagine if more of our leaders could speak on what should have been done, and what should be done, with GM like Romney…

[A structured bankrupcy last December] would have been precisely the right thing to do for the economy. To help General Motors at that point, before it had received tens of billions of dollars from the government, go through a structured process, either in court or out of court, to rid itself of its excessive union contract obligations would have been the right course. And at that point, the government could have helped with warranty guarantees and so forth, with debtor-in-possession financing, to get the company back on its feet. We wouldn’t have closed the business down or liquidated. We instead would have helped it restructure at time when government funding was not going to add billions of dollars to the American taxpayers’ burden. It was the right course to take…

President Obama should indicate that immediately upon this bankruptcy all of the shares held by government will be distributed to the American taxpayers and therefore that the public will be able to vote just like shareholders, and likewise that the UAW ā€” the head of the UAW ought to to indicate all of our shares are going to our members, not to the head of the UAW. We don’t want a president and a head of the UAW running General Motors. The American public ought to own that enterprise…

You’ll see Americans trade shares, buy and sell amongst themselves. They’ll probably consolidate. There’ll be shareholder meetings. They can elect their board of directors. And the company will be run to create products that Americans want, that can be competitive globally. They can hire and fire the CEO as they want. You don’t want politicians in Washington saying, “OK, we want to you build this kind of car,” and, “Oh, that factory over here ā€” it’s in Senator So-and-So’s district and you can’t close that one, even though it’s the high-cost factory. You have to open another one over here.”

You don’t want politics directing American corporations. That whole approach, which obviously is one that Barack Obama is wedded to, is the wrong approach for America. Americans recognize it. Individuals, the free market system, is what has built America to the nation we are, and that’s how we ought to go forward…

Romney has got game when it comes to the economy, but when it comes to national security he doesn’t have all that much depth of experience. He was never able to see his house from Massachusetts, and at least as far as I know there was never any concern aboot Vermont or New Hampshire enriching uranium. Luckily if he is planning on running again in 2012 he has time to study up, as he’s been doing.

For proof, I give you his recent speech to the Heritage Foundation (h/t Dacia Nichol)…


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