Newt: “Saved or Created My Ass!”

It’s always good to start off your morning with a nice chunk of red meat. This article isn’t raw to where the cow is still twitching (yes, I stole that from AllahP), but it still covers all the bases. You have the crap sandwich known as Obama stimulus, you have the state run media formerly known as the mainstream media, and it was written by Newt Gingrich. What more can you ask for on a Sunday morning?

I’ll leave the media bias for now, because if you’re reading this blog you obviously already know all aboot it. We should turn “What If George W. Bush Said it” into a drinking game, where everytime the fair and balanced MSNBC gives Dear Leader a pass for something W. would have been savaged form you do a shot. When they ignore Dear Leader altogether because Rush Limbaugh sneezed, take two shots.

Instead, let’s focus on the fuzzy math and accounting tricks that the Obama Campaign said they weren’t going to use, and even attacked George Bush and John McCain for (do a shot). So sayeth the former Speaker of ‘da House…

The Obama Administration is engaged in an ongoing con job when it comes to its policies on the economy. The stimulus bill, sold to the American people as the last great hope for economic recovery, is being revealed for the giant pot of political payola it was. The administration is trying to muddy the waters by its constant use of the meaningless metric “jobs saved or created” – as President Obama did yet again when he said that the stimulus bill would result in 600,000 jobs “saved or created this summer.”

But the May unemployment numbers put the lie to this slippery formulation. The administration told us that with the stimulus bill we would have 8 percent unemployment and without it we would have 8.7 percent unemployment. In reality, we have 9.4 percent unemployment. How did the stimulus manage to “save” jobs when there are a million less jobs today than there would have been if Congress hadn’t passed it? Maybe the administration’s fuzzy math is great politics, but it is meaningless economics. Isn’t discerning the difference between the two what the White House press corps exists to report?

The press corps has gone to great lengths – from publishing top secret information to ruining lives and careers – to let the American people know when they think they’re being duped. So where are the exposes on the Obama Administration’s budget trickery? Where is the question being asked: If government can so easily control the economy, can’t it hurt as well as heal?

Where is the network news feature on the 1,000,000 Americans who would have jobs today if it weren’t for the Obama stimulus act?

Ok, so I threw in a little of the media bias. It reminds me of a recent “Morning Joe” where Joe Scarborough was talking aboot how there won’t be an honest debate on healthcare (see, “socializing of”) because the media won’t ask tough questions. Literally everyone he said this two on the show (i.e. media folk) said something along the lines of, “Well, what the Obama Administration would say is…,” thus proving Joe’s point.

As for Newt Gingrich, I’m a huge fan and have been for some time. I know as an author and former speaker, he doesn’t need advice of a blogger who is eating Cheetos without his pants on while he writes this. But since being a blogger makes me an expert on all things, let me just say this…I’d like to see more editorials like this one and less aboot “paganism” or tweets on racist judges. Just a suggestion.


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