Tom Coburn Hearts the Huffington Post?

There have been a number of articles recently concerning the Obama Campaign Administrations government run public option to socialize health care…ok, so I’m not quite sure what we’re calling in these days, other than the more I read aboot it the more I think it su-diddly-ucks. I guess I should be open minded as Dear Leader says and not let people scare me into listening into a different opinion than his, but there’s a little voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me when he says I’ll be able to keep my current plan and doctor if I want to, that little voice screams, “BULLSHIT!”

One rather shocking article really jumped out at me, and that was from Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK). Senator, or should I say Dr. Coburn, writing aboot healthcare isn’t all that shocking. He’s one of our most principled conservatives and a co-author of the “Patient’s Choice Act,” the Republican alternative the media ignores when the say the Republican’s have no alternative. No, what made the Coburn editorial shocking was than it was in the Huffington Post.

Yes, that Huffington Post.

Sen. Coburn took the pages of HuffPo to lay out why our plan rules and Obamacare su-diddly-ucks. So sayeth the good doctor…

Today there are three major barriers to access and coverage. There is broad agreement about two causes: cost and cherry-picking – when insurance companies deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. The other major barrier to access and coverage are failing government programs like Medicaid that provide access to a government benefit but not access to health care. Forty percent of doctors and hospitals refuse to accept Medicaid patients because the government’s efforts to impose “affordability” have been an abject failure.

On the cost front, our bill gives every American a generous tax credit ($2,290 per individual, $5,710 per family) to purchase health insurance. We do this by ending the current discrimination in the tax code that gives people a tax break if they receive health coverage from their employee but no benefit if they are self-employed or unemployed. The rules governing our current, employer based, health care system were made in the 1940’s when Americans stayed in the same job far longer than they do today. Ending the employee exclusion will end job-lock and put the individual and their doctor back in charge of health care.

Our plan works because the employees only pay about one-third of their plan’s premium. For example, the average family’s annual employer-provided health insurance plan cost about $13,000 last year, with an employer paying about $8,600, while the employee only paid about $4,200 in annual premiums. Under the Patients’ Choice Act, that family would have more than enough to cover their share ($4,200) and have a significant sum left over for any additional medical expenses. It’s true that the funds the employer provides would now be taxable income just like salary but the point critics ignore is that the typical individual and family will still come out way ahead under our plan.

I highly suggest reading the whole article because Sen. Coburn also goes into detail why the government option fails, as well as the gross hypocrisy of the way Obama distorted John McCain’s plan to call for ending the employee tax exclusion and replacing it with a rebate…even though it’s what Dear Leader and Sen. Max Baucus are proposing now.

As a whole, while I would never give HuffPo any more traffic than it deserves, I do like the idea of R’s reaching out to the “enemy” if you will. Most conservative positions get distorted by the media as it is (tax cuts for the rich, telling seniors that we want to take their social security away, doing nothing on stimulus, etc.), and that’s only when our alternatives are given any media coverage in the first place. I’m also going to go out on a limb and say that a majority of the HuffPo audience are only presented with one side of the argument in the first place.

Having serious cats like Tom Coburn regularly laying out our positions (this was actually his second editorial there on health care) to a crowd that generally doesn’t get to hear them…this is what we really have to do in order to rebuild/rebrand/rewhatever the party.

Now if we can only get Paul Ryan to send them an editorial on the budget…


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