Paul Ryan to Obama: “Bullshit!”

While my endorsement for him as House Minority Leader fizzled (though I did get him a slot on “Morning Joe“), folks are starting to take notice of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as a future (some say current) leader of the Republican party. From a recent article in the Economist on how the Obama Campaign has quadrupled the deficit…

“There’s going to come a point where it’s going to be impossible to get people to buy our bonds at affordable prices,” says Paul Ryan, the top Republican on the House budget committee. He fears that the Democrats will create a huge new spending programme—a national health-care plan—while making little effort to curb spending in other areas. That, he predicts, will lead to crushing taxes on middle-class Americans, a lower standard of living and higher unemployment. Mr Ryan offers brave and obvious proposals to fix the budget…

Remember, this is the same left-leaning European financial magazine that endorsed Obama last fall thinking he was the cat’s pajamas. I believe a few months ago they changed that to, “maybe Hillary Clinton had a point.” I digress.

So when the President took his road show to Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin, where he did his usual schtick of accusing the R’s of not having plans he knows they have, using straw-men that are intellectually dishonest at best, and using the politics of fear to scare people into believing that if we don’t do what we say when he says it that the world will end (see stimulus, the selling of), Paul Ryan took exception. So sayeth the coolest thing to come out of Wisconsin since the Fonz and Ralph Malph…

The President reiterated a false choice that is damaging the open, honest health care debate that we deserve. The President frames the debate as: The government must take over the management of health care OR continue with the failed status-quo of today. He continues to challenge his critics by asking, “What is the alternative?” He knows that there are alternatives – better alternatives where the patient, not the government, is at the center of health care in America. He knows that we have introduced the Patients’ Choice Act of 2009. He knows this, and is simply hoping that the American people don’t know it. It should be noted that Democrats haven’t yet introduced a bill – we have. The Patients’ Choice Act is a real proposal with actual legislative text, demonstrating that we can have universal health insurance in this country without the government taking it over.

Another favorite refrain of the President is that entitlement reform is health care reform. With health security threatened by the unsustainable growth of Medicare and Medicaid, serious reform of these programs is no longer an option. Last year, I introduced comprehensive reforms of both programs, and yet again – nothing but rhetoric from Washington. What’s worse, the Administration’s current strategy to fixing our entitlement crisis is to add yet another entitlement program to an already unsustainable fiscal future. You can’t create new government entitlements, impose trillions of dollars of new taxes, and call this cost containment. We already spend over two-and-a-half times any other country on health care. The problem is not that we don’t spend enough money, but that we don’t spend it efficiently or effectively.

The entire article is well worth your time, as is any You Tube clip you may see of Paul Ryan talking aboot anything. That’s why I have a request. The state run media formerly known as the mainstream media, in this case ABC News, has handed the network over to the Obama campaign next week so that he can hold a infomercial on his health care proposals.

Memo to the RNC, who I know hang on my every word…have Paul Ryan give the response.

And make sure the person who produced Bobby Jindal’s response the last time is locked in a trunk somewhere.


One thought on “Paul Ryan to Obama: “Bullshit!””

  1. obahma is nothing but a complete tosser ,by going to africa and speaking to presidents he does not have an agreements with ,he shows he is totally inept and as for being a speaker for the west against the communists etc ,that is a laugh. he has no policies and no agenda.all we hear is how the poor blacks have suffered in the past and what he is going to do to help them(and only them )in the future .what a waste of space he is !!!”

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