Thoughts on Mark Sanford

I know there are more important issues to deal with, but I’m of two minds on Mark Sanford.

For the most part, I’m infuriated because I was a huge fan of his. Most of us were. He was one of my standard blog posts (along with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan) where whenever he said or wrote anything aboot anything, I made it a point to blog aboot it, usually concluding with Romney/Sanford ’12. He was the real deal, a fiscal conservative (with a touch of libertarianism) who actually expected other fiscal conservatives to behave like fiscal conservatives (go figure). He was also uniquely qualified to speak out against Dear Leaders reckless spending, since he had no ties to the Bush Administration’s reckless spending.

We were all counting on him, which is why the instant and justifiable reaction was that, “You’re under the bus now. Thanks a lot asshole.” But a part of me actually feels a little sorry for him…

He looks like a man who just honestly fell in love with someone else (as opposed to every other politico who do this and are just whores), and that hurts and sucks to begin with, let alone with having the national spotlight on you. There’s not much in this world that hurts more than heartache.

This in no way condones what he’s done to his wife and children. Yeah, people fall out of love, but you man up aboot it…especially to the mother of your children. Grow a set and take responsibility. Instead he brought embarrassment to his family and destroyed what could have and would have been a brilliant political career. Though in the later case, I’m not so sure he cared anymore.

I just hope she was all worth it.

And I guess it’s Romney/Ryan ’12 now.


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