David Axelrod = Obama’s Brain

I usually don’t get that bent out of shape over scandal, potential scandal, faux scandals, scandals involving Miley Cyrus, the 80’s rock band scandal, or anything of the like. My thinking has always been that you can dig up a scandal or the making of one for anyone living in Washington D.C. So all things being equal, I say, “Meh.”

However, after the White House decided to attack private citizens for exercising their first amendment rights, and when the community organizer – whose government run campaign organization is called Organizing for America – criticized these same private citizens for organizing (not him persay but the DNC speaking for him), I’m not in a particularly post-partisan mood. Especially, when I read this, this, and this.

So I want you to do two things for me.

The first thing is to read the following…

Several weeks ago, the President announced an agreement with the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) to achieve $80 billion in savings as part of health care “reform.” The Congressional Budget Office has previously found that eliminating the Part D “doughnut hole”- one element of the PhRMA “deal”-would cause Medicare premiums to rise by 50 percent.

As a result of the White House agreement with the drug lobby, press reports indicate that a coalition of interest groups led by PhRMA has committed up to $150 million to generate publicity in support of the President’s health “reform.”

On Saturday, Bloomberg News reported that one of the firms hired to spearhead the PhRMA-led advertising campaign is AKPD-the firm that Senior Advisor to the President David Axelrod founded, and where his son continues to work.

The same news story reported that Axelrod will be paid $2 million from AKPD as part of his severance package-payments which will come due beginning in December.

Then ask yourself the following question…how much different would the media coverage be had it been Karl Rove and not David Axelrod?


One thought on “David Axelrod = Obama’s Brain”

  1. Axelrod is benefiting extensively from all this so far, I have only seen coverage on Fox News and WND. If Drudge had anything on it, I missed it.

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