RomneyCare: It’s the New Black

I try to space out my blog posts focusing on the potential candidates and rarely ever do two the day after each other; no matter how much of a fan I am of Mitt Romney.

But when I stumbled across an article that will annoy the most devout Kool-aid drinking conservative purist, and…well, pretty much everyone with a (D-State) after their name, I couldn’t resist.

The jist of it? If you take the “public option” out of ObamaCare…it would make it, more or less, RomneyCare. Yes, the same Romney who will most likely be Dear Leader’s opponent in 2012. Irony rocks!

From the article:

“You don’t have to have a public option,” Romney said. “You don’t have to have the government getting into the insurance business to make it work.”

Three years after enacting its own version of reform, Massachusetts now has near-universal coverage. Taxpayer watchdogs say it’s affordable. “There is this widespread assumption, that is treated as fact, that it’s breaking the bank in Massachusetts … it’s not breaking the bank at all.” said Michael Widmer of Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation.

And health care experts say it’s popular. “Seven in 10 people in the state support the program, and no more than one in 10 would repeal it.” said Robert Blendon with the Harvard University School of Public Health.

This isn’t to say RomneyCare isn’t without some detractors (some were quoted in the article). I’m also not saying that I’m totally sold on RomneyCare as it is. I don’t like the mandates at all, and anytime the government does anything it comes in grossly over budget. But let’s look at the politics of it for a minute…the same politics the President claims to not care aboot.

What if we call him out on it?

If people are saying that RomneyCare is a good model for universal coverage minus a public option – let me rephrase that, if people are saying the A REPUBLICAN ALTERNATIVE is a good model, I guess President Obama would have to acknowledge this…you know, since he’s not play politics and all.

Then have Mitt Romney take his plan (a lot of which was ruined when the his Democrat predecessor Deval Patrick got his hands on it), sit down with cats like Reps. Paul Ryan and Tom Price, look at their two plans and see if we can work out ways to improve some of the critiques of RomneyCare.

Then take THAT plan to the American people…all while the various sects in the Democrat party feud with each other. You might even get a few Blue Dogs on board.

Sound crazy enough to work?


UPDATE DEUX: Awesomely awesome…


2 thoughts on “RomneyCare: It’s the New Black”

  1. I think it’s a model over how perhaps states can handle their own care. RomneyCare used a lot of existing funds being received from the government or allocated elsewhere and shifted where they were being spent. If states adopt a better way to use the money we’re already giving them…in the long run, it will cost less, and therefore shrink the federal burden. Smaller federal burden, more opportunity to fix those Medicare/aid things that are kicking our ass. All the federal gov should be doing is opening up the tax credit to individual care and removing state barriers for insurance purchase. Remove the business monopoly of control and benefits and competition will thrive?

    What say you?

  2. Yeah, I’d like to be going all towards a Paul Ryan or a Tom Price plan, but that’s where compromise comes in. What you said aboot state needing to adopt “a better way to use the money we’re already giving them” is a point that isn’t being made enough.

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