Paul Ryan to Dems: “Take Your Supermajority and Stick It.”

I’d like to start off with a recent comment from Joe “@joenbc” Scarborough. I missed him kibitzing aboot ObamaCare on “Meet the Press” this morning (rough time making it out of bed), but he “tweeted” the following…

“Rush Limbaugh can’t stop HCR. Moderate senate Democrats can. Fox News can’t stop President Obama. The Blue Dogs can. Sorry. You own DC.”

That seems to be the message we have to keep hammering home, especially as the Democrats keep trying to blame Republicans for their failings…even though they own the White House, Congress, the Senate, NBC News, the New York Times, and really everything else except for Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. That’s where cats like Rep. Paul Ryan (author of one of the heath care reform alternatives the Obama Campaign is lying to the American people aboot that we don’t have) comes in.

He appeared on (ironically enough) Fox News Sunday opposite Sen. Arlen Specter (opportunist-PA) and had the following to say…

The bill number is H.R.3200. It’s come out of three committees and it’s poised to go on the floor when we return from our August recess. But let’s — let’s just take another point here. The concern here is where this is all heading. And the problem is if you use what we call reconciliation, that is really sort of denying democracy.

I think Senator Specter was right in May to protest that procedure, one that is usually resolved — used for reducing deficit and debt, not for expanding the growth of government in these kinds of programs.We could fix what’s broken in health care. We could probably, in a bipartisan consensus basis, make sure that people who are uninsured get health insurance, make sure that people with pre- existing conditions get affordable care. Fix what’s broken. Don’t break what’s working.

Unfortunately, the president and his party have chosen a different path which is a path that involves a huge takeover of our health care system by our government. And they’re saying that they’re going to do this with the one-party rule, which they have. Now, obviously, elections have consequences. They have the votes to do this. And that is what has people very concerned, because this is being moved so fast without real consultation with the American people, without people understanding the consequences of what is going to take place here.

And it compounds our fiscal problems in America. We’re already going bankrupt largely because of the other health care programs we have in place today. A new health care entitlement

This is a message that we have to keep repeating over and over again, especially while the Democrats and state run media outlets like NBC news and the New York Times keep trying to blame talk radio on the Democrat Party’s failings. But, that’s only one thing we have to do.

The other is, while the Democrats are fighting amongst themselves, hammer home the fact that we do in fact have health care reform alternatives, and reach out – not to Dear Leader – to the Blue Dogs to draw them in to defeat the current bill and work together towards actual bi-partisan legislation.

Imagine a press conference with Ryan and Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) standing next to Reps. Heath Schuler (D-NC) and Jim Cooper (D-TN) saying, “It’s tome to cut the shit and actually work together,” and then challenge the President to be a man of his word. It’d be hard for even MSNBC to ignore.


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