Newt to Congress: “Are You People F’ing Kidding Me?”

You knew the Democrats were desperate when they went from “heath care reform” to “health insurance reform” and doing what they do best – demagoguery of a private industry, in this cases the insurance companies. But now they’re just getting ridiculous.

Rep’s Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Bart Stupak (D-MI), sent a letter to the largest health insurance companies demanded “…detailed information from health insurance companies about executive pay, corporate conferences and retreats, and other business practices,” among a list of other personal information. Apparently the new Democrat plan is to manufacture outrage the same way folks were outraged when “bailed out” companies were paying out bonuses…that the Democrats in Congress who have been in charge for the past three years let happen.

Leave it to Newt Gingrich to put these two on blast. He also through out a few ideas for health care reform that the White House lies to the American people aboot claiming we don’t have…

Americans have a lot to be dissatisfied with when it comes to private health insurance, but we’re not buying the argument that “competition” from government run health insurance will fix things.

If the White House is so interested in creating competition, why not give health care consumers real choices of better plans by creating a national health insurance market? Today, there are more than 1,300 health insurance companies in America divided among 50 different state markets with 50 different sets of regulation of what level of coverage private health insurance plans must offer in each state.

Consumers are currently prohibited from buying less expensive health insurance policies issued by a private health insurer in another state. Creating a nationwide health insurance market in which individuals or groups can choose better and less expensive coverage from another state would create real competition and force private insurers in each state to create better products, improve service and lower prices.

As with any Newt Gingrich editorial, this is well worth a full read.


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