Paul Ryan, Mothers, and Cancer

Originally I was going to blog aboot a post I saw on on how the former community organizer was sending his government run campaign organization called “Organizing for America” to astroturf one of Rep. Paul Ryan’s town hall meetings this week (all things the White House accused and/or attacked Republicans for doing), but when I read he had three today without incident I figured…meh.

Instead, there was one thing he said that hits home for me whenever Democrat health care reform comes up. He went through the basic greatest hits, such as…

Ryan spent considerable time taking on Democratic Party assertions that people could retain their current coverage if they want, and that a new “public option” would provide welcome competition with private insurers. Quoting information he said was provided to a congressional committee, Ryan predicted a massive dislocation of workers into the public option because many private employers would discontinue offering coverage. And even though private insurers would face competition from the government, the fight would not be fair because of built-in advantages for government, Ryan said. The result, he contended: “The private sector will go away.”

Then, while knocking down “incorrect insinuations” about HR 3200 he offered a personal anecdote when the topic of “rationing” came up…

Rationing of care is not in the bill, he told a questioner in Eagle, where 250 people crowded the village hall. He made a second appearance in North Prairie, and later spoke to the Waukesha County Chamber of Commerce. Ryan said he believed that, inevitably, cost controls would force the government to limit certain types of care based on life expectancy and price. His mother-in-law, Ryan said, is having success fighting ovarian cancer using a prescription drug that is not normally used in such cases. He said he understood that it would not be available to her under England’s nationalized system.

This is where I have an issue, because my mother is a breast cancer survivor (it was ten years a week or two ago).  Her physician found the lump, made her an appointment with an Oncologist, and the prescribed an experimental treatment that they said they felt would cure her, with ten years later it still had.  The reason why she’s a survivor is because of experimental treatment she was able to receive…which she may not of if she was forced on a government plan. If the Democrats succeeded in forcing a single-payer system back in 1994, my mother might not be around right now.

Now, I realize that the words “single payer” and “rationing” aren’t in HR 3200 specifically. But when Tom Daschle writes in his book “Critical” aboot rationing experimental medicine, when Democrats spend most of the past fifteen years talking aboot how they wanted to put the insurance industry out of business, when everyone from Rep. Barney Frank to Michael Moore say that the “public option” is just the gateway to a single payer system, and when Senator Obama came out in support for single-payer when it was politically expedient for him to do so…why should I believe these people when the claim the government isn’t taking over the health care industry?

Why should I believe any of them when they’ve made it perfectly clear there plan is to tell the people one thing, and then do another?

Sorry, but my mother’s life simply isn’t worth that risk.


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