Take Your “Party of No” and Shove it Up Your [Bad Word]

The message of the week, as I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog, is pointing out that for all kvetching the D’s do aboot the R’s, it doesn’t change the fact that they own the White House, the Senate, Congress, NBC News, the New York Times and everything else in Washington outside of Fox News. Yet, this doesn’t stop folks from going back to the old reliable “party of no” and claiming the R’s have no ideas of our own even though I know we do, they know we do, yet claim we don’t anyway because they know that if they lie, NBC News will swear by it.

I also have issue with the “party of no” in the first place. For starters, concerning the Democrat party for the past few years (especially ’06-’08 when they were in control), I know you are but what am I? But also, there’s nothing wrong with saying no. One side produces legislation that you feel is bad for America and won’t listen to any of your ideas, what else is there to say besides no?

And much like when the D’s were the “party of no,” it seems to be working for us so far. So sayeth Fred Barnes…

In one sense, Democrats have only themselves to blame. They set the standard for opposition during Mr. Bush’s second term. They furiously opposed everything with a Republican label on it. It worked so well that voters grew to prefer Democrats on practically every issue, including normally reliable Republican issues like taxes. A similar phenomenon is now benefiting Republicans.

Yet many Republicans wince when accused of being obstructionist and “the party of no.” They shouldn’t. The willingness of the GOP to oppose is a deterrent. If Mr. Obama were to allow CIA officials who interrogated terrorists to be prosecuted he now knows what he will face: a wall of unyielding Republican opposition led by Mr. Cheney. This is bound to affect his decision.

Republicans fret about alienating voters who turned against them in the past two elections. They shouldn’t. Independents are the largest bloc of these voters. By opposing Mr. Obama, especially on spending and health care, Republicans have created a mass migration of independents away from the president. They are moving the center to the right.

It’s a great read I highly recommend where Barnes looks at Dear Leader hemorrhaging the support of Independent voters, how effectively saying no has help us regarding the stimulus and the current Obamacare debate, and how if “Republican insiders” say to do one thing, it’s usually in your best interests to do the exact opposite.

There’s nothing wrong with being the “Party of No,” especially when we’re being given much to say no to.


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