What About Me? What About Pawlenty? (No. 2 in a Series)

I mentioned last week on how Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty seems to be speaking to any audience willing to listen to him, most likely in an attempt to raise his profile for a 2012 run. He does interviews where he takes subtle shots at Massachusetts universal health care system (signed into law by the former Governor). He does speeches where he tries out catchy one-liners. My man is running.

He still doesn’t have his niche though. Mitt Romney is the frontrunner and the economy expert. Newt Gingrich is the policy wonk. Sarah Palin is the darling of the conservative base. T-Paw? He’s the guy who…um…had a mullet up until last year?

That being said, he seems to be making it a point to talk aboot a serious issue most in our part regretfully don’t…edumacation. Here’s what he had to say at a recent Florida GOP fundraiser…

He also said the current education system should be dubbed “cash for flunkers,” and criticized President Obama and Democrats for abolishing a District of Columbia school-voucher program “and sending their own kids to private schools.” And he called reducing high school drop-out rates a “moral imperative” to address.

“The reason we have this never-ending demand for more government — people say give us more government transportation, give us more government housing, give us more government health care, give us more government everything — is because they can’t afford it themselves,” he said. “The reason they can’t afford it themselves is because they lack in most instances the skill or education to meaningfully access the economy of today and tomorrow.”

“We cannot be a country of just 300 million people and leave a-third of them on the bench.”

He’s not actually the only one talking aboot it. Newt Gingrich speaks on the failing edumacation system all the time, and is even going on tour with Rev. Al Sharpton (yes, that Rev. Al Sharpton) to discuss it further, but Pawlenty could be the only candidate who makes it the main focal point of a campaign. It might work.



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