Rudy Giuliani, NY Turns its Lonely Eyes to You

It’s been frustrating over the past few months to see cats announce their candidacy for 2010 that get me fired up more than anyone in my home state of New York. Whether it’s John Kasich in Ohio, Marco Rubio in Florida, Peter Schiff in Connecticut, or Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, you have all these candidates I can really get behind while New York dont give me nothing but a senate shut down. Hopefully that’s aboot to change because, at least as of yesterday, Rudy Giuliani might finally be announcing his run for governor.

Recent polls have him destroy our current Governor David Patterson, and only behind seven points against his most likely opponent AG Andrew Cuomo…which isn’t the end of the world considering it’s over a year away and neither candidate has announced yet. Cuomo would be a tough opponent, especially considering how blue NY is and that both the five boroughs and the Democrat Party are a wholly own subsidiary of the labor unions.

But, it would appear Giuliani may have found his opening…

Mr. Giuliani declined to be interviewed, but several people who have spoken to him said he sees parallels between the current conditions in Albany and those in the city before his election as mayor. Voters were willing to take a chance on him then, he has said, in part because they were fed up with the dysfunction.

“Several times, he said to me that he sees state government similar to where New York City was in 1993: out of control,” said Mr. King, who met with Mr. Giuliani late last month at the Capitol Hill Club. “So many people are saying the state can’t be governed, which is what everyone was saying about the city then. In Rudy’s mind, this is a challenge.”

Mr. Giuliani suggested as much at a breakfast address sponsored by Crain’s New York in Manhattan this month. “If I thought that I could make a real difference in the state, really change things and it really needed me, then I probably would do it,” he said then. If the state continues to deteriorate, he added, “maybe I’ll decide to run. We’ll see.”

Of course, Rudy being Rudy, this could all change at a moments notice. One of the rumors is that he’s not going to announce until after the November elections, which a) I’m not crazy aboot, and b) he can easily change his mind and cost whoever the candidate is invaluable campaigning and fundraising time. But more importantly than that, as someone who is kinda sorta getting involved in NY politics…I just want to win.

Rudy with Rick Lazio for AG and (sigh) George Pataki for Senate running as the top of the ticket, it’ll help the party state wide both in fundraising and in helping some of our congressional candidates like Greg Ball, Tom Reed, and Frank Scaturro. New York will never be a red state, but if we ever had an opportunity to make it a little more purple, 2010 is probably our best chance.


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