Eric Cantor: “The Dems are Evil, Evil Liars”

Eric Cantor has been quiet lately. We started off the year with him being elected to Minority Whip, and had his big “coming out” when he whipped his colleagues in the house to unanimously stand against the crap sandwich the Obama Campaign wanted to call “stimulus.” He was also the main cat in getting the House GOP up to snuff on the Internets and various other social networking tools.

However, after The National Council for a New America didn’t take off as well as some of us had hoped, he’s been slightly off the radar. That change this week when he write and editorial for called “Wanted: Economic Honesty,” with the obvious implication being that the Obama Campaign has been anything but.

A snippet…

In this economy, as families review their own budgets and adjust accordingly, they expect their government to act in a manner that reflects the challenging times we are in. Much of the public frustration with Washington has been evident in town halls across the country, and many Americans believe the administration’s top priority should be cutting the federal deficit in half by the end of his first term.

Instead, the administration seeks to force a massive new government health care program that most people don’t want and certainly cannot afford. And they will do so even if it means imposing new taxes on the middle class and small business job creators. Now is not the time to double down on a deficit that is $2 trillion more than the administration projected, but instead to moderate spending, and move forward responsibly.

Americans simply can’t afford new trillion-dollar programs, hundreds of billions of stimulus funds that still haven’t been spent and the continued bailout culture we’ve seen take shape. Lawmakers must start to govern like adults and be honest about the limits we face — political expediency be damned.

I’m really curious to see what’s going to happen when everyone gets back to Washington DC after their summer vacations. With the revelation that the Obama Campaign was off of their deficit predictions by about $2,000,000,000,000.00 (not in a good way), the polls showing that American’s are souring on Dear Leader with regards to the economy aren’t going to be getting any better. And that’s without factoring in the summer long Obamacare debacle.

The question is, what are we going to do to capitalize on it?


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