What Obama Can Learn From Ted Kennedy

I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of the eulogies aboot Ted Kennedy today, a lot of which dealt with the current debate on health care reform. Already, Nancy Pelosi has started politicizing his death by using it as an excuse to ram Obamacare through, but in the Speaker’s defense, she did wait a whole hour after it was announced that he passed.

Seriously though, a lot of the tributes mentioned bi-partisanship and how Ted Kennedy would work with anyone to either get what he needed, or help them get when they needed (even if he wasn’t voting for the particular bill). Even recently, working with liberal public enemy number one George W. Bush on education and immigration reform, he and the former President who agree on probably nothing worked to find common ground on what they felt were the important issue of the time. Bipartisanship wasn’t just a word he used to guilt Republican’s into just shutting up and doing what they’re told.

Kennedy was a serious mind for serious issues, and our current President could learn a lesson or two when it comes to health care reform. If he’s serious aboot “reform” and isn’t full of it when he talks aboot bi- or post-partisanship, steal a page from Ted Kennedy.

Call Mitt Romney.

Kennedy was serious enough aboot health care reform that he was willing to go across the isle and work with both his former rival and the current Governor of Massachusetts at the time. The result, while a flawed plan (as I’m sure people will be quick to point out), covered over 90% of Massachusetts while not vastly increasing governments role in the healthcare industry. Some say that RomneyCare is more or less ObamaCare, only cheaper and without the public option.

If Dear Leader is serious aboot bi-partisan reform, call Romney. How did he work with the Heritage Foundation and created a universal coverage compromise that was acceptable in liberal Massachusetts? What would we do differently? What are his thoughts on all of the issues (particularly, not bring down costs as much) that have come up since he left office? Put politics aside (as Dear Leader says this isn’t aboot) and actually work with someone who actually has the experience of reforming health care before.

The word bi-partisanship keeps getting thrown around, when all the Democrats really seem to want are Republican votes to cover their asses for ramming through programs that are unpopular with the American people, since a lot of them seem to think the American people don’t know any better. They control all three branches of government (and most of the media); yet claim they can’t do whatever they want because Rush Limbaugh has a microphone. Barack Obama can change all this by doing what people hired him to do…lead.

It’s what Ted Kennedy would have done, because it’s what he spent his career doing.



One thought on “What Obama Can Learn From Ted Kennedy”

  1. They won’t stop until he doesn’t have a microphone. The only reason they will try to get any repubs to sign onto the bill is so they have someone to blame when HR3200 Ted Kennedy Memorial Single Payer gateway ObamaCare destroys healthcare and impedes new medical developments and reduces the standard of living, which Obama’s Economic Recovery chair, Paul Volkner said he wants to see happen…

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