Mitt Romney for Massachusetts Senate?

I wouldn’t call this the dumbest idea I’ve heard but it has to rank in the Top 5, or as Patrick Ruffini said, “People talking about Romney for Senate as if it were a realistic possibility are unfit to talk about politics.”

But yeah, apparently some cat from US News and World Report was pontificating aboot what a great idea is would be if Mitt Romney ran for Senate in the upcoming Massachusetts special election, and how it would be great for is probable Presidential run in 2012…

If he did, Romney would then have a platform to actually introduce legislation modeled on the proposals he put forward as a presidential candidate in 2008 and planned to put forward in 2012. No guesswork. No empty rhetoric. Real ideas, on the Senate floor, that could be evaluated, debated, and perhaps even voted on…As an added political benefit, it would give him the opportunity to establish true conservative bona fides allowing him to finally overcome the suspicions many conservatives in the GOP’s primary electorate still harbor about him. Rather than tie him down, Romney could actually use the Senate seat to lock up the GOP nomination in 2012.

Where to begin…

1. The Democrat Party has made it clear that no Republican ideas are going to be debated on the Senate floor. They can’t lie to the American people that we don’t have ideas if they actually debate the ideas they’re lying aboot.

2. Romney could lose the special election, killing any chance he would have of running for President.

3. The people of Massachusetts are going to elect him to fill a Senate seat knowing that within a year he’s going to run for President?

4. Why would Romney do this when he currently has all of 2010 to pretty much do whatever he feels like?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of Minority Leader Romney as I mentioned a few months ago when the more plausible rumors of him running for Nevada Senate surfaced. But this? That’s just crazy talk.


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