NY GOP to Rudy: “Help!”

Being the prominent voice in the New York Republican Party that I am (stop laughing Simon), I can say that we all anxiously wait the decision in 30 to 60 days as to whether or not Rudy Giuliani is going to run for Governor.

Like I said a few days ago, it’ll be tough for any Republican to run even if they are our best chance. The NY power base is all in the five boroughs, and five boroughs along with the NY Democrat Party are a wholly owned subsidiary of the labor unions, who make all the decisions. Case in point, as incompetent as current Gov. David Patterson is, he’s still up a point over former congressman Rick Lazio in recent polls.

The place where Rudy needs to really turn out the vote is in the suburbs, which is exactly where we need his help the most, not just in the governors race, but also in the congressional and local election where Giuliani at the top of the ticket would really help turn out voters.

Two of our top prospects for congress have even start to speak out. First there’s Greg Ball, running in the NY-19…

Republican Assemblyman Greg Ball told CQ Politics he was “jumping for joy” at the idea of a Giuliani campaign, which is starting to look like a genuine possibility…”If Rudy Giuliani has coattails it would be in Hudson Valley where he polls extremely well,” said Ball, who is challenging second-term Democrat John Hall for the 19th District seat. Ball noted that his district is home to “a lot of New York City cops and firemen” who are a natural constituency for Giuliani.

There’s also Tom Reed up in the NY-29…

Corning Mayor Tom Reed, the GOP challenger to freshman Rep. Eric Massa in the upstate 29th District, also thought a Giuliani campaign could excite the base there and drive more support for down-ballot races next year…Reed said he considers himself part of a new generation of Republican candidates in New York that are stepping up to run in local and statewide races, but that someone of Giuliani’s stature and experience could complement the ticket. “Even though Rudy’s been around for a while, he brings a lot of energy to the table,” Reed said. “That’s a good mix, in my opinion.”

So much like the Obi-Wan Kenobi to NY’s Princess Leia, “Help us Rudy Giuliani. You’re our only hope.”


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