Republicans had the Best Summer EVAH!

Everyone goes back to Washington in a week or so after a summer vacation that has seen support for ObamaCare tank, 1800+ veterans misdiagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease by the VA, the debt miscalculated by the White House by aboot $2,000,000,000,000.00, and Dear Leader’s approval rating dropping as much as ten points depending on the poll, not to mention him hemorrhaging support from Independent voters over all.

All of this is of course Rush Limbaugh’s fault. Kidding! It’s really Sarah Palin’s fault for saying the words “death panel” on her Facebook page.

All this puts the Republican Party in an interesting position come September, because – and I don’t want to jinx it – it would appear we have a little bit of the momentum at our back. But what to do? Jennifer Rubin has some ideas…

In place of ObamaCare, Republicans offer tax credits for individually purchased insurance, market competition (including the right to buy insurance across state lines), and legal reform. In place of cash for clunkers and government-run car companies, Republicans offer car company stock divestiture. In lieu of spending the remainder of the non-stimulus plan monies, Republicans urge tax reform, including reduction of corporate taxes and payroll tax relief, and restoration of funds for a real shovel-ready program: the F-22.

The contrast between the parties is especially great for young voters who were swayed to vote for the hip, young guy over the grumpy senior citizen in 2008. It turns out the hip guy wants to force them to buy health insurance, load debt and an enormous future tax burden on their backs, and raise energy prices. It’s not very 21st century. As Michael Barone observed after ticking off the list of statist policies at the core of the Obama agenda, “The larger point is this: You want policies that will enable you to choose your future. Obama backs policies that would let centralized authorities choose much of your future for you. Is this the hope and change you want?”

And finally, Republicans would be well to make the case that larger government not only means less personal freedom but more corruption, influence peddling, and “rent seeking” as interest groups and industries inevitably must seek to sway government representatives and bureaucrats who would hold enormous power over their economic destiny. It is not just that Nancy Pelosi faces a slew of ethics inquiries that have snared her closest allies. It is that by crafting legislation, most clearly cap-and-trade and ObamaCare, which would supplant millions and millions of private-sector decisions with government edicts, the opportunities for mischief making grow exponentially.

The whole article is well worth the read (much like every article I bring to your attention, just because if it wasn’t I wouldn’t bother). Of course the rub is that if we do any of those things, no one in the media will cover it. I mean, Sarah Palin might sneeze or Rush might burp on the air and Keith Olbermann will say it sounded like he said, “Obama Sucks.”

This is where we come in with our blogs and Facebook statuses and every other social networking medium we have at our disposal. We need to be the ones to get the message out there, especially since no one else will.

Sure, a lot of times it feels like we’re just preaching to the choir. But that’s the way you get the choir to sing.


One thought on “Republicans had the Best Summer EVAH!”

  1. Great article, John!

    We’ve got them on the ropes! Get that choir to sing. Mike Enzi put a lot of nails in the coffin of The Big O’s Health Care Deformity with his response to the President’s radio address. With him turning away from even negotiating on the legislation, Obamacare took a mighty blow. Enzi showed us that in LiberaLand even a god can bleed.

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