Newt to Eric Holder: “Why Do You Hate America?”

I really don’t get the outrage over enhanced interrogation techniques. I mean, I’m a Republican, so it’s understood that I have no conscience or soul in the first place. But if these techniques are helping/going to help keep the country safe, I say so be it. If anything, the outrage should be at the NY Times who felt it necessary to put the country at risk just because they didn’t like the President.

So when the Obama White House comes out and says that they are going to start investigating CIA operatives (you can believe AG Eric Holder is acting on his own if you want), after they said they weren’t going to, after they promised the left that they would, the cynical blogger in me at first thought this was to distract people from the plummeting ObamaCare approval, or to appease the left after the Obama Campaign considered dropping the “public option.”

Then I figured that hey, do what you wanna do there Sparky. Anytime this has come up this year, our side gets more support and Nancy Pelosi winds up with a lower approval rating than Dick Cheney (yes, that Dick Cheney). I’ll leave the outrage to experts like Newt Gingrich…

Holder, uniquely duty-bound to uphold the law, has disregarded the law as applied by his predecessors because he disagrees with their politics. You could say that this is behavior more befitting a Third World dictatorship than the United States of America, except that even Third World dictators don’t unilaterally disarm in the process of administering politically driven “justice.”

The Obama Administration, still in the middle of a war with the radical wing of Islam, is waving a white flag of surrender. The honorable thing would be for the president to come out and say it; to tell the American people that be believes the threat manifest on 9/11 has passed. That we can now return to business as usual. Instead, the president is silent on Martha’s Vineyard, and his surrogates are blaming the political prosecutions of CIA officials on the Attorney General.

Even if you believe this convenient division of political culpability, the Attorney General has failed to honor the law. He has given into – or faithfully carried out – the revenge fantasies of the anti-American left.

You should read the whole thing, obviously. The question is which is going to dominate the news this week, the exploitation of Ted Kennedy’s death to ram through a health care bill that the majority of American’s don’t want, or the White House attacking the CIA for doing it’s job.

I guess we’ll know when Leon Panetta quits…


One thought on “Newt to Eric Holder: “Why Do You Hate America?””

  1. Why would Leon Panetta quit? He is one of the ‘good ole boys’. How do you think that a man with no Intelligence experience whatsoever secured one of the most important jobs in regards to the security of this nation? I am sure the morale of the CIA went into the toilet the day he was hired, for no one can respect a “boss” that cannot understand the job or who has never done the job themselves.

    I am not a lawyer, but perhaps there is a hidden ‘easter egg’ here. If Holder sets this precedent, then presumably the next AG can come back and prosecute Holder for his illegality. (not to mention a few hundred other people in the House).

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