NY Conservatives Speak On Health Care Reform

Yes, you read the right, I said New York CONSERVATIVES! No, that isn’t an oxymoronic term. While we don’t have a large number, we do have them…albeit scattered throughout the state.

Now that the summer has come to an end and those awesomely awesome town hall meeting have done their damaged to ObamaCare, it’s time for the Republican Party – if we’re smart (stop laughing) – to start telling the public what we think health care reform should look like. Everyone is in agreement that health care in this country needs to be reformed; the difference is in how to do it. Americans have made it clear that they don’t think ObamaCare is the way to go.

They seem to want more commonsense reforms like Assemblyman and Congressional Candidate Greg Ball highlighted in a recent editorial. He concluded with something that should be a part of EVERY Republican campaign…

These effective, thoughtful ideas are not mine, although as a politician it may seem odd I am not taking credit for them. These ideas all came from the various open and public town hall meetings I held throughout the Hudson Valley. These ideas provide a framework, not for a massive government takeover, but for a solution-driven answer to insure millions of working Americans who are currently uninsured, without busting the bank, without lowering the quality of care and by working with, instead of against, private enterprise.

Another cat offering his two cents is former Assembly Leader John Faso, who many consider to be the intellectual leader of the New York Republican Party. He offered specific policy ideas, such as…

The state should authorize insurers to offer a variety of affordable policies. The irony of the national debate, is that Congress and the President, in the name of affordable insurance, are following New York’s example which will make it more expensive. It is inevitable that as long as insurance is controlled by government, the political class will promise more than it can deliver. When people are priced out of the market, the politicians won’t take the blame; they’ll just conveniently blame the evil insurers.

There are other approaches to get at affordability and access. Government could facilitate what’s known as stop-loss coverage — essentially a reinsurance model which covers extraordinary costs for those with pre-existing conditions or serious medical ailments. These stop-loss subsidies provide targeted premium relief to consumers in a convenient fashion, yet assure that government funds are applied to reduce premiums for those who otherwise couldn’t afford or qualify for insurance.

The summer has fun watching the Democrat Party slowly eat itself, but once folks return to Washington it’s nut up or shut up time for the GOP. And speaking as a New York Republican, I couldn’t be happier having guys like Ball and Faso leading the charge.


One thought on “NY Conservatives Speak On Health Care Reform”

  1. Well, I know there are conservatives in New York. I remember when the party was born as a group of doctors fought socialized medicine. I campaigned for Barry Goldwater and helped elect Jim Buckley to the Senate on the Conservative Line. Great times those were!

    Relocated to metro DC in the eighties, but still a conservative here. Just a hello from Arlington, VA.

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