Don’t Blame Obama, Blame Greys Anatomy

It’s funny. After I had read this article, Dear Leader announced he’ll be speaking to a Joint Session of Congress. I predicting four things a) lots of straw men that are intellectually dishonest at best, b) saying that we need to move forward, while still blaming everything on George Bush, c) nothing new, d) NBC News drooling over themselves aboot how amazing it was.

The first two tied into this post nicely, because they have to do with Democrats passing the blame. Remember, this is the same Democrat Party who owns Washington D.C., yet will still blame their shortcomings on Rush Limbaugh or whoever the liberal boogey man du joir is.

Now apparently there’s a new scapegoat for why ObamaCare su-diddly-ucks in the eyes of the American people. It is shows like “House” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” So sayeth Reason magazine

Media analysts say medical dramas like “House,” as well as glowing news accounts of high-tech medicine, encourage patients to expect that the latest devices, drugs and other treatments will yield miraculous results. The downside of tests and treatments, such as their high costs and possible side effects, get less air time. “There’s a real disjuncture between the model [for health care that] policymakers are trying to push compared to T.V.,” says Joe Turow, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Turow’s forthcoming book, an update to his 1989 volume “Playing Doctor,” will examine medical dramas from “Marcus Welby, M.D.,” which debuted in 1969, to “House” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Television has consistently portrayed medicine as an unlimited resource, he says…

Do we really need busybodies fretting over whether or not a fun scripted TV show bolsters the prospects of their political project? There’s nothing wrong with politically attuned or even polemical fiction, nor with criticism that takes a work of fiction’s inherent politics into account. All politics bears an imperial streak, but not everything in life ought to fall into its ugly realm, and I can’t imagine that any culture—and in particular, any pop culture—that’s been co-opted by the crude expansionism of the political world is better for it.

I can’t even find the words.


One thought on “Don’t Blame Obama, Blame Greys Anatomy”

  1. Next they’ll be whining that shows like CSI create an image to the public that our law enforcement and justice system are more efficient and succinctly successful than they really are.

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