With Apologies to Mitt Romney (No. 3 in a Series)

I still feel it necessary to make amends for not supporting Mitt Romney last year when I should. Granted, he ran a terrible primary campaign, but it wasn’t even half as bad as the general that John McCain ran. Luckily, we might all be getting a second chance.

My take on our candidate in 2012 is that it all depends how Dear Leader is doing by November of next year. Whether Obama is another Jimmy Carter or a Bill Clinton will determine whether he run a Ronald Reagan or a Bob Dole (a role I usually give to Tim Pawlenty). And with Dear Leader looking more and more like a peanut farmer every day, Romney is looking more and more like he’s going to get a second chance.

So it’s to no one’s surprise that, when every possible poll is going bad for the current administration, Romney plans on keeping busy this month…

From returning to a key early primary state to delivering an address before a social conservative conference and reuniting with members of his campaign-in-waiting, Romney is scheduled to spend a good deal of his September in a fashion befitting a man very much interested in running for president.

Romney has been careful to avoid being overexposed this year, instead picking his spots to weigh in with an op-ed or talk show appearance when the national debate turns to health care, the auto industry or some other issue on which he’s well-versed.

But despite the relatively low media exposure, Romney has not ignored the importance of building and keeping his political contacts, especially in Washington. To this end, the former Massachusetts governor will spend much of the middle of this month in and around the capital for a series of events aimed at retaining or building support with a number of valuable constituencies in a Republican primary.

It appears the first showdown of 2012 hopefuls will be at the Family Research Council’s annual Family Value Voters Summit on Sept. 19th, where Romney will more than likely be joined by other rumoured candidates Mike Huckabee and Tim Pawlenty. Sarah Palin I’m sure will be invited too, but their will be a scheduling misstep at her office.

After that, it’s Mitt Romney’s world. Everyone else is just waiting for him to screw up at some point in the next two years.


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