Karl Rove to Obama: “ROTFLMAO!”

August has been a great month to be an eCon. Not so much if you’re Dear Leader or one of his cultists, but a great month to be an eCon. His popularity is down. Republicans are gain ground on “who do you trust” polls. And after a year an a half of yelling that the Emperor has no clothes, people are finally starting to wake up and say, “Hey Mr. President, I can see your doodle.”

And if you think we’re enjoying this, and the schadenfreude that comes from the feeling as if millions of closed minded and intolerant progressives cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced, imagine how a guy like Karl Rove feels? Writing a weekly column for the Wall Street Journal comes with a certain expectation of dignity, but you know damn well he wrote this with a bottle of Jack Daniels and without any pants.

So sayeth your hero and mine…

He has already had the budget-busting $787 billion stimulus package, a budget that doubles the national debt in five years, an earmark-laden appropriations bill that boosted domestic spending nearly 8%, and a cap-and-trade energy tax that limped through the House with dozens of Democratic defections (and which has stalled in the Senate). These achievements are unpopular, so they are boomeranging on him….

Mr. Obama is trying to overhaul health care without being able to tap into widespread public unhappiness. Nearly nine out of 10 Americans say they have coverage—and large majorities of them are happy with it. Of the 46 million uninsured, 9.7 million are not U.S. citizens; 17.6 million have annual incomes of more than $50,000; and 14 million already qualify for Medicaid or other programs. That leaves less than five million people truly uncovered out of a population of 307 million. Americans don’t believe this problem—serious but correctable—justifies the radical shift Mr. Obama offers…

The administration’s problems have been compounded by tactical mistakes. Allowing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to push for a Democrat-only bill shatters any claim Mr. Obama can make to bipartisanship, a core theme of his candidacy. Leaving the legislation’s drafting to Congress has tied the president’s fortunes to Mrs. Pelosi, who has a 25% approval rating nationwide, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, whose approval rating is 37% in Nevada.


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