Newt Gingrich on Health Care Reform…Again

Newt Gingrich writes too damn much.

I was going to bring to your attention an article he wrote comparing the world that fails in blue states like California and New York, to the world that works in red states like Texas. But when looking for a new picture to go with the article, I found this editorial on Obamacare vs. actual health care reform I thought was more topical.

He talked aboot Dear Leader’s address to the joint lecture session of Congress next week to set up straw men arguments, blame George W. Bush for everything, and accuse his opponents of not having ideas he knows damn well we have, because he knows that if he lies to the American people, the New York Times and NBC News will swear to it.

Okay, so those aren’t Newt’s words as much as they are my snark. What the former speaker did was lay out more ideas for commonsense health care reform that the Democrat Party is going to ignore…

Instead of trying to pass a single bill that attempts to remake one-sixth of the American economy, Obama could use his speech to announce a series of four or five bills to reform our health care system, each written in a bipartisan way and debated in open hearings with open rules. A step-by-step approach would make both sides more accountable. It would eliminate the opportunity for Democrats to bury bad programs in a mammoth, unreadable bill, and it would obligate Republicans to come to the table with their own reform ideas.

One set of hearings and one bill could focus on improving the delivery and administration of health care, including tort reform and rewarding providers for individual health and wellness. Another bill could address creating real competition and choice in the insurance market by creating a nationwide market for insurance. A separate bill could focus on saving Medicare and Medicaid from bankruptcy by finding ways to eliminate what the Center for Health Transformation estimates is $500-800 billion in fraud and abuse each year. And a fourth bill could explore ways of investing in science and innovation, like reforming the FDA’s hopelessly long and needlessly complicated approval process for new medicines.

Each of these bills is more understandable, more doable, and more democratic than the take-it-or-leave-it strategy that has been employed so far.

It’s a Gingrich piece so of course reading the whole thing comes with my high recommendation (which I know means the world to you).

Now obviously, with the opposition research file the Dems have stored away in the highly guarded vault somewhere, I couldn’t imagine the R’s actually nominating him for President, let alone give the response to Dear Leaders speech Wednesday night. Honestly, at least regarding the later half of that, I would want him to. I’d rather the response be given by a cat like Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

But if Rep. Ryan wanted to just read Gingrich’s editorial, while throwing it bits of the health care reform bill he proposed (that the President lies aboot and the media ignores), that would be okay by me.


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