Joe Scarborough for President?

There are a lot of silly rumors that pop up in politics, kinda of like Mitt Romney running for Ted Kennedy’s old senate seat, because it would “help” him in his probable run for president in 2012. No one who took that seriously has any busy following politics, let alone writing aboot it.

So when HuffPo said something aboot Joe Scarborough running for president, I figured “LOL.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of his and “Morning Joe” (even if hate having to watch MSNBC to see it). My biggest influence in being interested in politics was Tim Russert, and Joe and the Gang (Mike, Barnacle, Uncle Pat, etc.) are feel have done their best to kept Russert’s integrity and spirit alive.

But let’s be honest; the left only likes him because he’s the conservative du joir that criticizes other conservatives. If he ever ran as a Republican for anything, they’d turn on him the same way they did John McCain.  However a friend of mine sent me an article from that made me think the rumors might be taken a little more seriously…

Some major donors and GOP strategists have approached Joe Scarborough, the host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” about a national run, according to party sources.

Note the authors of the article, MIKE ALLEN and JIM VANDEHEI. Both have a reoccurring role on “Morning Joe,” so besides having connections within “GOP Party sources” they also have connections with Scarborough himself. Makes you think, don’t it?

He’s turned down national runs before (Florida senate in, I think, 2004) to be with his family, and with a relatively new edition I can’t imagine him picking up to run a long shot campaign for President. Plus, personally speaking, I hope he doesn’t run anyways.

I think his is a voice that our party definitely needs. With the ongoing battle between conservative Republicans and moderate Republicans, I always viewed him (like I do myself) as a moderate conservative. He’s all the conservative with none of the harsh rhetoric, which we need in the media more than anywhere else (especially at the network he’s at now, where they should just start every hour after 11:00 with “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message”). We need more conservatives who have the freedom to go after the President on the many, many, many substantive issues we’re being handed to go after him on, and not get bogged down with silly nonsense like “birthers” and other conspiracy theories.

We need a guy who is going to let cats like Paul Ryan and Tom Price come on and – without interruption – explain why conservatives have the better plan for our country. If he has Mike Pence on to talk aboot the environment, he and Mike Pence talk aboot the environment, not evolution. We need someone who treats conservatives’ opinions with the same respect the rest in the media treat liberals.

So, while an entertaining rumor, I’m 99.867% sure Joe Scarborough will be staying just where he is.

Though, he would make a great President…


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