Rear Naked Blogging: Rampage Jackson Pities a Fool

I’m disappointed because the Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans fight at UFC 107 was the one I was most looking forward too and it’s been canceled. However, the reason it’s been cancelled is pretty cool…

RAMPAGE JACKSON: The rumors are true; Rampage Jackson is joining the cast of the upcoming “A-Team” movie (along with Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper) as B.A. Baracus, a role made popular by Mr. T. Unfortunately the production schedule conflicted with his fight against Evans, so the UFC let him pull out of the fight after seeing an opportunity to increase their overseas business. What this does for the upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” or if they’ll be a replacement opponent for Rashad is still up in the air. Personally speaking, an Evans vs. Tito Ortiz rematch wouldn’t suck.

BJ PENN vs. DIEGO SANCHEZ: At least UFC 107 still has its main event, which was confirmed this week. BJ Penn will be defending his light heavyweight title against Diego Sanchez. I don’t usually bet against Penn, but Diego has looked absolutely sick since dropping down to 155 lbs. This one should be a classic.

RANDY COUTURE: Speaking of dropping down, Randy Couture announced this week that he’ll be returning to the light-heavyweight division after his loss to Minaturo Nogueira, where he will most likely finish up his career. There are no rumored opponents as of yet, but I like the idea of Couture vs. Rich Franklin. A rematch against Tito Ortiz wouldn’t suck here either.

MATT HUGHES: Speaking of finishing up his career, Matt Hughes has signed a new contract with the UFC and plans on doing the same. No word on who his next opponent is, and he’s been flirting with the switch to the middleweight division for a while now. Personally, he’s done all he can at 170, and I think 185 would be a better fit for him.

ANDERSON SILVA: Unfortunately, Anderson Silva’s 2009 has come to an end thanks to elbow surgery. There’s was talk of him squeezing in another fight at 205 while we they decide if Nate Marquardt or Dan Henderson is next inline for a middleweight title shot. Instead, his next fight will most like be against one of those two next year some time.


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