I Know What Paul Ryan Did Last Summer

Republicans have had a pretty good summer…mainly because summer for the Democrats has su-diddly-ucked. All the anger was aimed at the Democrats because they’re the ones who support the massive government takeover of health insurance that they don’t want to admit is a massive government takeover of health insurance called ObamaCare.

Republicans have had the benefit of being able to say three things: 1) this sucks, 2) here’s why, and 3) this is what we should do. Number three is going to be the most important one going forward, which is why I’m particular interested in reading the “what I did on summer vacation” editorials from the various Republican’s who spent the summer listening to their constituents.

Today it’s JBdotC favourite Paul Ryan (R-WI) who held SEVENTEEN listening sessions throughout the month of August. So sayeth the coolest cat to come out of Wisconsin since Ralph Malph and the Fonz…

When Congress reconvenes next week, I will bring with me a message made clear at each of my listening sessions: let’s fix what’s broken in health care; not break what’s working. Wisconsinites have expressed a number of serious concerns with H.R. 3200, the Majority’s health care overhaul: millions of Americans would lose their current coverage and be dumped on a new government-run plan; Washington bureaucrats would seize unprecedented decision-making power over their health; and a struggling economy would be hit with painful new taxes and a debt burden that we simply cannot afford.

I believe that Congress should scrap this bill and start over. I will continue to echo the calls from Wisconsinites that the status quo in health care is unsustainable and unacceptable. Contrary to the false choice offered by the President, nobody is defending the current system that keeps quality, affordable coverage out of reach for millions of Americans, has resulted in the explosion in health care costs, and causes Americans with preexisting conditions to be denied coverage. There are serious problems that need to be fixed, but the Majority’s go-it-alone approach to give more power to Washington would only make matters worse.

At each listening session, my employers expressed more fundamental concerns about the proper role of government in our economy and in our lives. Wisconsinites are rightfully anxious about the unprecedented growth in the federal government this past year – from trillion dollar spending bills and bailout fatigue to a budget that doubles our debt in five years and triples it in ten years. Most of us simply can’t stomach handing over our energy and health care sectors to the federal government as well.

I know some on the left will say something along the lines of, “blahblahblah…no ideas of his own…blahblah.” But if you look at H.R. 2520, The Patients’ Choice Act, Rep. Ryan was one of the MANY Republicans who have suggested alternatives and expressed their ideas as to what health care reform should look like, along with Rep. Price, Rep, Shadegg, Rep. Hoekstra, Rep. Bachman, Sen. Demint, Sen. Coburn, Sen. Barrasso, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, the CEO from Whole Foods…

This Wednesday, Dear Leader President Obama has a big primetime speech before a joint session of congress to save his falling poll numbers and push a health care “reform” bill that a) most people don’t want, and b) does nothing to create jobs to express to the American people his thoughts on health care reform. Who besides me wants to see Rep. Paul Ryan give our response?


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