NY Conservatives Actually Get One Right

While registered as an “R,” I’ve always considered myself more of a conservative than I am a Republican, and have been extremely disenchanted with the “conservative” party of New York. In Westchester and Nassau counties they’ve endorsed liberal Democrats who also have the nomination of the Working Families Party (aka ACORN), and in Nassau nominated their own candidate – a guy who works for the county chair – for country executive, for no other reason than to spite the Republican chair over a silly dispute.

All that said, this is race I actually agree with them on.

Barack Obama nominated NY congressman John McHugh to be Secretary of the Army, leaving his seat in the NY-23 open. McHugh is considered to be a “moderate” Republican, who on his way out was one of eight R’s who voted to kill jobs with the Pelosi-Obama “Cap and Tax” bill. So who does the Republican Party appoint (there was never an actual “election”) to run for the open seat?

Upstate GOP bosses (county chairmen) met behind closed doors to nominate veteran assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava of Watertown, whose record qualifies her as the most liberal Republican congressional candidate in memory. She is pro-card check, pro-abortion, and twice voted in the assembly to legalize gay marriage. She repeatedly has won the endorsement of the ACORN-backed Working Families party, sharing that party’s ballot with John Kerry in 2004 and Obama last year. In her official assembly biography, she lists herself as chief operating officer of her family-owned corporation. But now that the firm is in trouble, facing state and federal tax liens, the local press reports she says “she has nothing to do” with the company. Meanwhile, her husband is the regional president of the AFL-CIO.

I emboldened the parts I have severe issues with (I’m not as ideological on the social issues) and am wondering why, while we’re trying to fight the President’s agenda that we feel would be bad for the country, we’d go and nominate someone who supports MAJOR parts of that agenda. The NY Conservative Party apparently felt the same way, and nominated their own candidate. Meet Doug Hoffman

Doug Hoffman, a native of Saranac Lake, is a self-made successful businessman and accountant with offices throughout the district. A lifelong Republican, he had never thought of becoming a political candidate. He and his four siblings were raised by a single mother. By age 8 he was delivering papers to help his mother pay the bills. He started pumping gas at 14. By the time he finished high school, he was a master mechanic. He finished at the top of his high school class, but there was no family money for college. A group of local civic leaders believed in him–and raised scholarship money for him. He graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh in 1973 with a degree in accounting.

He joined the Army reserves, got married, started a family, and went to work for Price Waterhouse. Meanwhile, he earned an MBA in finance and accounting from the University of Connecticut. In 1977, he moved his family back to the North Country for a new job as assistant controller for the Lake Placid 1980 Olympic Organizing Committee. His first day on the job his boss quit, and at 27 he assumed the position as corporate controller, eventually overseeing a budget of $150 million and 2,500 employees as well as 6,000 volunteers.

Today, the accounting firm he heads has six offices. The Hoffman Family Enterprises he owns with his children runs a diverse group of small businesses, from construction to auto service to hospitality and tourism. His list of civic leadership positions is vast.

Read the whole article from The Weekly Standard, which goes into the bakground of the race and the importance fundraising is going to be a) for Hoffman, and b) to test grassroots conservatives.


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