Gina Carano: “Hey, why don’t I make a movie?”

It’s no secret that we here at JBdotC are big fans of MMA ingénue Gina Carano. Obviously we like ourselves a bit of the mixed martial arts, and anyone who can look that hot and still kick your ass eight ways before you hit the ground…it’s pretty freaking sweet. Unfortunately, Cyborg Santos is able to kick your ass nine ways, which Miss Carano found out the hard way.

So, what’s next? Obviously fighting at 145 is too big for her, and she doesn’t seem to be able to cut down to 135 to fight at the ideal weight for herself. Women’s MMA is lacking any serious competition (at least at the moment) expect for her and the amazon who just beat the crap out of her. While Gina’s figuring out where her fight career is going to take her, why not star in her own movie?

Well, not so much hers as much as Steven Soderbergh.

Yes, that Steven Soderbergh…

Former American Gladiator and MMA fighter Gina Carano will star in Steven Soderbergh’s new film, Knockout. Now the “face of women’s mixed martial arts,” Carano played Crush on NBC’s failed revival of “American Gladiators.”

Described as a “James Bond” style spy thriller, the film centers on a girl from the “wrong side of the tracks” is given a chance to put her punchisizing skills to good use. Paraphrasing, of course. Variety described it as closer to the action of Kill Bill or La Femme Nikita than Million Dollar Baby’s ring-side drama.

Relativity Media is fronting the “reasonable budget” for the “mainstream action film with universal appeal” and Soderbergh, who waived his upfront salary for a take of the earnings. It’s a certainly a good sign that he’s confident in its success with an unknown in the lead. Though Soderbergh promises to surround Carano with name actors for marketing appeal. With three Oscar nominations and one win on his record, I have no doubt Soderbergh knows what he’s doing.


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