NY to Rudy: “Make Up Your F’n Mind Already!”

Anytime Rudy Giuliani is interviewed anywhere aboot anything, anytime between now and whenever he actually makes his decision, people are going ask him if he has in fact made the decision: will you run for Governor of New York? He’s our latest “will he or won’t he” political it-guy, at least for those of us who have at least a modicum of concern for the NY GOP.

Party insiders (aka, random people I read quoted on the Internets) say there’s a 50-50 chance he will or he won’t, which personally annoys the hell out of me because you know damn well he knows right now. If you’re going to run, tell us and it can fire up the party the same way Ohio Republicans are fired up over John Kasich. If he isn’t going to run, we need to know that NOW because the guy who does run is going to need all the time (and help) he can get.

After listening to him on “Meet the Press” this past Sunday, he definitely sounds like a cat that’s going to run, or at least thinking like he’s maybe going to run…

Well, I’m still, I’m still thinking about it. I think the same things that trouble most people about what’s going on throughout the country. I think the, well, the budget of New York is way out of control. It’s $120, $130 billion, just a 9 percent increase in spending at a time in which we’re, we’re dealing with less for most, for most people. Taxes have been raised and are going to be raises astronomically. A big problem in New York. We’re already losing population as a result of that. People are making plans to live somewhere else. And we have a whole upstate region that hasn’t had economic development for, for way too long. Those are the things that would trouble you the most.

Once we get through this political season and we get finished with whatever is going on right now. There are, there’s an important race for mayor in New York City going on. Important race for governor in New, New Jersey and Virginia. I have my favorites in each one of those races. I’m working hard…

So for now, we wait.

I hate waiting.


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