Van Jones and Glenn Beck Walk Into a Bar

I honestly don’t care aboot Van Jones or Glen Beck.

Yeah, the media hypocrisy grates at me. Everyone’s going apeshit because Beck called Obama a racist, meanwhile Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews accuse anyone who disagrees with the President on a fairly regular basis. And of course if this were President Bush, his czar would have been fired for calling the opposition party “assholes” long before anyone noticed he was a 9/11 truther.

But honestly, whether or not Beck or Jones have jobs, the sun still rises in the morning and I still have mine to go too, so…meh. However, the way it was handled by the Obama Campaign seems to be a reoccurring theme that has been bothering me for a while now. Jen Rubin (not quite what you would call a fire breathing ideologue) puts it more eloquently than I can…

First, there is apparently no one outside the ultra-liberal bubble who can spot a mistake and understand how those not part of the netroot fan base might take offense. No one to say, “Let’s not give the nation’s highest civilian honor to Mary Robinson. She presided over Durban, for goodness sakes!” No one to caution against smearing ordinary citizens as lackeys of the insurance industry or kooks. No voice to suggest, “Maybe we shouldn’t attack the voters — they, um, vote.” And no one to question the selection or quickly raise the red flag once Jones’s “truther” background and other offenses came to light. Maybe there is a brave soul trying to save the White House from itself, but if there is, no one is listening. And that gets it into trouble again and again.

Second, because the mainstream media doesn’t report or underreports ”bad” news ( i.e., news that isn’t helpful to Obama), the administration operates under the misconception that bad news is just Glenn Beck ranting or a “fake” news story. The White House then goes to spin mode, attacks the messengers (e.g., conservative news outlets), imagines “real” Americans couldn’t possibly care, and allows the issue to fester. The result is to elevate the conservative outlets that did the reporting and to further erode the credibility of the “friendly” nonnews media. As Politico’s headline aptly put it: “Glenn Beck up, left down, Jones defiant.”

Jen Rubin is actually one my favourites to read, so of course I highly recommend the whole piece. So no, I don’t care aboot the opinions of one of thirty seven czars. I also don’t care aboot BeckOllbermanHannityMaddowRushShuster et al. If half of them have an attitude against me and the other half have an attitude against my friends who have a different opinion than me, whatever.

It’s the attitude from the Obama Campaign that I have a problem with, because they’re the only ones who matter.


One thought on “Van Jones and Glenn Beck Walk Into a Bar”

  1. Glenn Beck is not just a liar and a hypocrite. I found him with his “pants down.” Find out more at The Glenn Beck Review.

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