Eric Cantor to Obama: “So, About That Stimulus…”

It seems like a decade ago when were fighting over the stimulus bill aka Porkulus aka the Generational Theft Act aka fiscal suicide aka the Recovery Act aka that giant crap sandwich. And here we are ten years later, with Barack Obama planning to speak to us (again) on what he calls health care reform (again) and spend more of our money.

Now, to recap what’s happened over the past month we’ve been arguing/blogging aboot ObamaCare (which also seems like a decade), the debt was miscalculated by aboot $2,000,000,000,000.00, the VA accidentally misdiagnosing 1,864 veterans with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and the “hugely popular” Cash for Clunker Fiasco where – out of a $800,000,000,000.00 political boondoggle (see all the “aka’s” above) – one of the few things actually stimulating the economy was underfunded and horribly mis-managed.

Oh, and unemployment hit 9.7 %, which is 1.7 % higher than it was ever going to get if we passed Obama’s stimulus bill. Where are the jobs, you ask? Eric Cantor was wondering that himself…

Beginning with last February’s pork-laden $787 billion so-called stimulus, jobs and economic growth have taken a back seat to a broad, costly, and unfocused Democratic agenda. The administration assured us that its stimulus — filled to the brim with monies for existing government programs — would hold the national unemployment rate to 8 percent. Yet since its passage the U.S. economy has shed nearly 2.5 million more jobs, lifting the unemployment rate to 9.7 percent. Meanwhile, the administration is forging ahead with a $1 trillion plan to radically remake the American health care system, despite being neck-deep in expensive bailouts. Its bloated budgets will produce dangerous, record-shattering levels of debt — a projected $9 trillion deficit over the next 10 years — to be paid for by future generations.

HOUSE REPUBLICANS are not saying that the administration is devoid of laudable goals. Nor do we oppose taking bold action to alleviate the economic pain. Our alternative stimulus plan, which I handed to President Obama and which was based on sweeping tax relief for small businesses and middle-class families, should make the latter point clear. We simply believe that it is unacceptable to spend such extravagant sums of money on government-run programs that fail to create jobs or truly stimulate the economy. It would make a lot more sense for the president to redirect the remaining $400 billion in uncommitted stimulus funds to paying down the debt.

I emboldened that one part because Dear Leader has a habit of lying out his ass misleading the American people by saying that we Republicans aren’t offering any solutions of our own. Here’s an instance where the number two R in the house FLAT OUT HANDED THE PRESIDENT OUR ALTERNATIVE, yet the President continues to say we have no solutions, knowing that he lies and state run media outlets like NBC News will swear by it.

So I agree with Rep. Cantor when he says, “…our leaders should put off their grand designs of reshaping the role of government in society — and begin to work together toward responsible policies.” Because if not an unemployment goes past 10%, they’ll be a lot more people with free time on their hands to blog aboot it.


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