Exclusive Sneak Peek at Obama’s Speech

“It’s a routine for this Prez: hit a rough patch, blame his opponent, create a straw man, schedule a Big Speech, more straw men, repeat.” – Kevin Madden

“Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership.” – Barack Obama (Of course he said this back in 2006. I digress).

Some quotes to keep in mind as Dear Leader, the great father/lecture/organizer-in-chief speaks to us tonight. As for what he’s going to say, I have a mole in the White House Communications Department and he’s leaked me a few details: the President is going to speak in generalities, he’s going to set up straw men that are intellectually dishonest at best and complete bull cookies at worst, he’s going say we need to look forward while still blaming everything on George Bush, and he’s going to ignore the nine different Republican alternatives when he asks his opponents “what’s your alternative?” It’s his most important speech EVAH!

I know what you’re thinking to yourself, “Self, the President sure does seem to have a lot of most important speeches evers.” You aren’t alone. So sayeth JBdotC senior political analysis Jay Cost

Another historic, monumental speech from the 44th President of the United States. He’s averaging about one of these every three weeks now, isn’t he? What exactly is this speech supposed to do? Let’s ditch the metaphors – “game changer,” “ninth inning” – and use words that point to actual things: health care reform is in trouble because of differences among factions of the Democratic Party. The compromises that moderates like Ben Nelson require are apparently too much for liberals like Anthony Weiner to accept. How is a speech supposed to overcome this? It would either have to: (a) propose a third-way solution that both sides can agree to, or (b) convince one side or the other that it needs to adjust its stance.

Should we really expect a speech to do that, considering all the other things the President intends to do in it?

I’d say no. I think this will be little more than a change in tone – perhaps from cool/slightly mocking Obama to angry/forceful Obama. From the looks of it, the President is still planning to make all the same points he’s been hammering for months. He’ll ask for bipartisan cooperation while remaining cagey on the public option (a deal breaker for 99% of the Republican caucus). He will again insist the time for debate is over and the time for action is now. He’ll make a not-terribly-compelling case about how this somehow relates to the current economic morass, even though the benefits do not kick in for years. He’ll fearlessly stand up to Republican straw men, who never offer anything except disingenuous attacks.

I liked this line the best…

If Humpty Dumpty breaks and you don’t know how to put him back together – why not give a speech and boldly proclaim how important it is to put him back together?

That gives me a warm, tingly feeling up my leg I don’t usually feel.


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