Actually, Obama Does Kinda Lie (No. 3 in a Series)

I know I already did an “Actually, Obama…” post today, but I read this and it has to do with the Obama lie that drives me the most insane because, while most case it’s a matter of different interpretations of the facts, this is the one where you know that he knows he’s lying. It’s where he says his “opponents” have no ideas of their own. You know, except for all the ideas that his “opponents” have, that he knows we have, and that in some cases we’ve physically handed to him.

Anticipating the President saying something along these lines, the R’s came prepared. Rep. Tom Price, a doctor and the head of the Republican Study Committee,” gave out copies of all the various health care reform bills we’ve introduced to the house members. Those stacks of papers congressmen were holding up? Those were them.

Rep. Price explained why in a recent interview with JBdotC Chief Political Correspondent Bryon York…

“We knew the president would at some point say something like, ‘and the other side has no ideas,’ ” Price says. So Price and his Republican colleagues brought with them copies of the more than 30 health care reform bills they have proposed in the House this year. Obama didn’t directly accuse Republicans of not having a plan. But he did say he would welcome “serious” health care proposals. “My door is always open,” Obama said. That’s when Price held up the sheaf of papers he was carrying — a copy of H.R. 3400, the Empowering Patients First Act, which Price and the Republican Study Committee proposed in July. Other GOP lawmakers held up their own bills. Some raised a list of all the health care bills — there are more than 30 — proposed by members of the Study Committee.

Why use the props? “To say in a quiet and respectful way, ‘Here are our ideas,’ ” Price says. “To say to the president, ‘You’re not being honest with the American people when you say that there haven’t been ideas put forward, and that you’ve listened to them, because you haven’t.’ ” The small Republican protest got a bit of coverage, although it was overshadowed by the hubbub over GOP Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” outburst during the president’s speech. But the larger problem remains. Republicans have authored a number of health care bills — serious legislation addressing portability, pre-existing conditions, cost and other issues that most trouble American consumers — and hardly anyone has noticed.

Republicans don’t really blame Nancy Pelosi. The speaker is as partisan a Democrat as they come, and no one is surprised that she has used her power to stifle Republican efforts. But they do blame the Obama administration. “The White House, in spite of saying they look forward to meeting with anybody who wants to solve these challenges, has rebuffed us at every turn,” Price says.

If you would like to look them out to read for yourself, they are H.R. 77; H.R. 109; H.R. 198; H.R. 270; H.R. 321; H.R. 464; H.R. 502; H.R. 544; H.R. 917; H.R. 1086; H.R. 1118; H.R. 1441; H.R. 1458; H.R. 1468; H.R. 1658; H.R. 1891; H.R. 2520; H.R. 2607; H.R. 2692; H.R. 2784; H.R. 2785; H.R. 2786; H.R. 2787; H.R. 3141; H.R. 3217; H.R. 3218; H.R. 3356; H.R. 3372; H.R. 3400; H.R. 3438; H.R. 3454; and H.R. 3478.

But no, your opponents aren’t offering any reform ideas of their own, are they Mr. President?


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