Newt to Obama: “Nut Up or Shut Up, Champ”

A part of me dies a little in side everytime I read a Newt Gingrich editorial, hear a new Newt Gingrich interview, or see Newt Gingrich opining on the issue of the day. By all accounts, this should be the man running our party and should have been our candidate in 2008, let alone be the candidate in 2012. There’s isn’t a single person who is more articulate when it comes to policy on our side.

Unfortunately, there’s that undisclosed bunker somewhere on an uncharted island somewhere where the Democrats keep all their opposition research on him. So, no Presidential run but the former Speaker of the House, which sucks because an editorial like this one is why we need him up front in the health care reform war.

Dear Leader recently said that parts of his bill have been mis-characterized and lied aboot. Gingrich, to steal a line from the President, is calling him out. He says the President gave lawmakers who are serious about health care reform several opportunities to test his commitment to reform…

The first opportunity the president created under this plan was on the contentious issue of taxpayer-funded health care for people here illegally. Many liberals in Congress and the mainstream media would no doubt prefer that the ugly outburst by Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) during the speech be the last word on the matter. But despite Obama’s flat assertion that his plan “would not apply to those who are here illegally,” the issue is far from closed. Congressional Democrats successfully defeated amendments in the House that would require proof of legal residence from those seeking health care benefits.

So as it stands, the Democratic health care reform bill does not contain any restrictions on illegal aliens receiving health care benefits. If President Obama means what he says, Congressional Democrats should move to the floor – and the White House should support – one of the previously defeated amendments that simply says people who get government paid health care must be in the United States legally.

The president also promised that no federal funds in his health care reform plan would be used to fund abortions. But, as was the case with illegal aliens’ health care, no less than five amendments to prohibit funding of abortions under health care reform were defeated by Democrats in the House. House Republicans should resurrect one of these and see if the president is true to his word.

The usual Newt Gingrich rules apply, read the whole thing. He also goes into “calling the President out” when it comes to tort reform and actually eliminating Medicare/Medicaid fraud.

I wonder if we could pull off a Vice Presidential run for Newt Gingrich. He could be a wonkier Dick Cheney behind a young candidate. Paul Ryan/Newt Gingrich in ’12?


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