Rove to Democrats: “Are You People Nuts?”

Many consider Dear Leader’s recent speech to be nothing more than a hyper-partisan rallying cry. You know the deal, we Republicans are standing in the way of the poor Democrats being able to do what they want even though they own the White House, the Senate, Congress, the New York Times, NBC News, etc. And when it comes to hyper-partisanship, there’s but one guy I like to check in with. He’s the megalo with the health glow…Karl Rove.

Mr. Rove seems oh so concerned aboot the awkward position the President is putting moderate and conservative Democrats in “red states” and conservative congressional districts. They might even risk losing their seats to – GASP – Republicans.

Here’s the coolest guy this side of Cobra Commander and Magneto with more…

Team Obama is essentially asking congressional Democrats to take a huge gamble. The White House is arguing that ramming through a controversial bill is safer for Democrats than not passing anything. This is based on the false premise that the death of HillaryCare is what doomed Democrats in 1994. Mr. Obama told a reporter in July that the defeat of HillaryCare “Helped [Republicans] regain the House.” Former President Bill Clinton echoed that thought recently by saying “doing nothing” today is “the worst thing we can do for the Democrats.”

Actually, attempting to pass HillaryCare is what brought down the party. Voters rejected a massively complicated, hugely expensive government takeover of health care and the Democrats who pushed it. In reality, it is riskier to be at odds with where Americans are than just standing by as an unpopular proposal goes down. The problem for Democrats is they are scaring voters by proposing a takeover of health care that spends too much money, creates too much debt, gives Washington too much power, and takes too much decision-making away from doctors and patients.

Already, many of them are drawing fire for having toed the party line on a stimulus package that’s likely to celebrate its first anniversary with unemployment near 10%. They’re also likely to be blasted for supporting a budget that doubles the national debt in five years, a new energy tax in the form of cap and trade, and a host of other liberal policies that voters did not expect from a candidate who ran as a centrist. Given the Senate situation, do vulnerable House Democrats really want to go first in voting for ObamaCare? They’ve already done that by slamming through cap and trade, which is now stalled in the Senate. How much political capital will Speaker Nancy Pelosi have to spend to pass an increasingly unpopular health-care measure?

Read the whole thing. Karl Rove really sounds concerned aboot the poor D’s, don’t he?

Why are you laughing?


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