Joe Wilson vs. the Volcano

I wasn’t going to write aboot the Joe Wilson brouhaha because, while I admit that it was in appropriate to heckle the President in a speech like that, I can’t really fault a guy for letting his emotions get the best of him and yell what we’ve been yelling at the television for a few months now. He apologized, the media acted the way you would expect the, to…by recklessly playing the race card.

See, according to NBC News (you know, the network that Brokaw and Russert built) if you disagree with President Obama – chances are if you’re reading this you do – aboot anything, than you’re a racist.

But I found this article from The Daily Beast that I found mighty entertaining. To paraphrase the great Kinky Friedman, our Congress has been wussified…

Far and away the most deplorable element of what we must now, presumably, call the Joe Wilson Affair is the fact that Rep. Wilson (R-SC) has felt the need to apologize for calling the president of the United States a liar during his speech on Wednesday night. The second most deplorable aspect of this midget-size tempest was President Obama’s acceptance of Wilson’s apology. “We all make mistakes,” Obama said, adding that the congressman “apologized quickly and without equivocation. I am appreciative of that.”

Could anything be prissier than that?

The factual merits of Wilson’s cry of “You lie!” need not detain us, if only because it is an obvious truth that, sooner or later, all presidents speak less than the whole truth. Here was an opportunity for Obama to endorse the eternal value of the First Amendment; instead, he emphasized the idea that criticizing the president of the United States is, in the dread terms favored by puritans, killjoys, and charlatans everywhere, “inappropriate.”

Not that Obama was alone in considering this most minor rebellion a threat to the sweet decorum of the republic. The maiden aunts staffing The Associated Press’ Washington bureau clucked: “The nastiness of August reached from the nation’s town halls into the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday as President Barack Obama tried to move his health-care plan forward.” If a two-word heckle passes the AP’s “Nastiness Threshold,” one wonders how the wire service would describe something truly monstrous.

Read the whole thing, if you will.


One thought on “Joe Wilson vs. the Volcano”

  1. You miss the point. It was the timing that was inappropriate, the venue. Joe Wilson has freedom of speech, the government didn’t arrest them, did they? No, and they will never arrest him for that. Instead, Joe Wilson is facing the social consequences for his actions. After all, it is not only people in Congress who are judging him, both Democrats and Republicans, but Americans are judging him as well.

    The reason why so many Americans disapprove, not of Wilson’s words, but of his choice of venue, is because we as Americans expect some level of civility and order in the very place that laws are made on our behalf. Breaking the professional protocol we expect of our representatives gives off an imagine of the other dark political specter that Americans are not fond of: Anarchy. It also, as many Republicans have said, allowed Joe Wilson to selfishly take center stage for his party in a rather unflattering way. There is nothing more unpatriotic than anarchy.

    Majority of Americans are upset over his choice of venue, although some of these same Americans may actually agree with what he said. The reason for the flare up is because he acted unprofessional by breaking the unspoken social rules of congressional decorum. Majority of Americans want civility and disapprove when either side resorts to immature tactics. Had he called Obama a liar once the session had broken up, the backlash he faced would have been nothing more than a fart in the wind.

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