Rick Lazio for NY…Governor?

Well, New York politics is at least keeping things interesting this week. On the day rumors surfaced that Rudy Giuliani was considering a senate run, two things happened that might help his decision. One was the major terror bust in NYC, reminding us why another strong voice for national security is need on our side. The other was current Senator Kristen Gillibrand being one of seven to vote against cutting off federal funding for ACORN.

Yes, the same ACORN under federal investigation in twelve or so states, and that helps teach pimps how do falsify their mortgage papers.

While this is going on, former Congressman Rick Lazio decided he’s not going to wait for Rudy to make up his mind and will be formally announcing his run for New York Governor next Monday…

Rick Lazio has taken a leave from his job as an executive vice president at JP Morgan Chase in preparation for a formal announcement that he will run for governor in 2010, a campaign spokesman confirmed. The announcement will come on Sept. 21, according to Kevin Fullington, who also recently took a leave from his day job to work full-time on Lazio’s campaign. Lazio has also formally retained Arthur Finkelstein, a political consultant perhaps best known (in New York, anyway) as a longtime advisor to former Gov. George Pataki who was instrumental in engineering the then-little known state Sen. Pataki’s 1994 victory over Democratic Gov. Mario Cuomo.

Lazio served eight years in the House before making a late run for the U.S. Senate in 2000, losing soundly to Hillary Rodham Clinton after Giuliani backed out of the race. He appears less inclined to wait around for Giuliani this time around. He has built up a campaign infrastucture, including a fundraising committee — Lazio 2010 — that raised nearly a quarter million dollars in its first six weeks of existence. The committee reported $184,000 cash-on-hand at the end of June.

He thinks he has the cure for what ales Albany…

The present government in Albany is broken. It’s a national embarrassment. It can’t be repaired by tweaking it here and there. It’s dysfunctional and we need to start all over from the beginning. Not to help the politicians in Albany — but to help our children and our grandchildren so they can dream of an Empire State and have a Government they respect and have confidence in. It’s like repairing a leaking roof. You patch it twenty times but it still leaks. What you have to do is bite the bullet and get rid of the roof. You and I together know it can be fixed, but it means starting from the beginning. I’ve proposed rewriting the Constitution because I want to build a different and better form of government.

My solution is unicameral government. That means one legislative body, not two. We’ll eliminate gridlock and bring about a new government that’s more transparent, more accountable and less divided. And we’ll have the ability to build better schools, hospitals, and roads. We’ll be able to meet the problems of the people. You and I will be given a better government. It’ll be a government that listens to the people, not the politicians.

It will be interesting to see where things go from here. Rumor has it that current AG Andrew Cuomo doesn’t wanted to primary current Governor David Patterson, but will if Giuliani runs because Rudy will murderize Patterson. No Rudy and Patterson – inexplicably – can still win.

Enter Rick Lazio, an alumnus from Newt Gingrich’s class of 1994, who would have the full endorsement of both the NY Republican AND Conservative Parties. Give him a year to fundraise and fully exploit the current governor’s incompetence. Have Rudy running state wide with him en route to a near certain defeat of Kristen Gillibrand.



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