George Bush to Conservatives: “Go Fuck Yourself”

Well, this sure made me feel happy.

I should point out that I have no respect for people who write tell all books, regardless of who the book is aboot and whether or not I agree with them politically. I don’t buy them. I won’t read them. That’s that.

But the topic caught my eye because, whenever I criticize the current President, I’m told by a lefty that I have no right to complain because of what “my” President did, meaning George W. Bush. The irony there is that I voted Not Bush in 2004 and using liberal logic – it’s only your President if you vote for him – he wasn’t my President either, but whatever.

It’s still a frustrating argument for any conservative because many of us feel that neither Bush nor many of the Republicans were very conservative in the first place. And in a recent tell-all book, do you know who allegedly also didn’t think George W. Bush was conservative? George W. Bush. You’re gonna love this…

“What is this movement you keep talking about in the speech?” the president asked Latimer. Latimer explained that he meant the conservative movement — the movement that gave rise to groups like CPAC. Bush seemed perplexed. Latimer elaborated a bit more. Then Bush leaned forward, with a point to make.

“Let me tell you something,” the president said. “I whupped Gary Bauer’s ass in 2000. So take out all this movement stuff. There is no movement.”

Bush seemed to equate the conservative movement — the astonishing growth of conservative political strength that took place in the decades after Barry Goldwater’s disastrous defeat in 1964 — with the fortunes of Bauer, the evangelical Christian activist and former head of the Family Research Council whose 2000 presidential campaign went nowhere. Now it was Latimer who looked perplexed. Bush tried to explain.

“Look, I know this probably sounds arrogant to say,” the president said, “but I redefined the Republican Party.”

::blinks twice::

I’ve got nothing else to add, so I’ll steal from Byron York…

Now, with unified Democratic control of the presidency and both houses of Congress, we’re seeing spending that makes Bush’s record look downright thrifty. Republicans have again found their voice on fiscal discipline. And some of them wish they had been more outspoken when a president of their own party was in the White House.

Gee, do ya think?


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