Lies, ObamaCare Lies, and Statistics

“Simply pass a law banning anyone from falling sick and mandate good health for all. If he can suspend the laws of economics, perhaps he can also transcend the laws of physiology.” – Shikha Dalmia

We’ve been having fun with the “Actually, Obama Does Kinda Lie” series, just because if you’re going to accused you opponents of lying while demagoging the one person who calls you out for lying (which Obama didn’t do himself, he sent his minions from the New York Times and NBC News to do so), it’s only fair to point out the many, many, many…actually, since it’s inappropriate to accuse Dear Leader of lying, let’s just say the many things he says that aren’t exactly true.

Truth be told, there’s a lot in the bill (I guess we’re going with the Baucus Bill now) to be fearful of, which was pointed out to me not Rush or Hannity, but from Lawrence O’Donnell. Now, why a liberal Hollywood screenwriting MSNBC analysis (who was COS for the Senate Finance Committee back in 1993) is ripping the bill apart and not like – you know, a Republican – is beyond me. But the litany of criticisms he had were astounding.

Many of whom were in this recent piece…

Yet, there he was last night scolding “individuals who can afford coverage but game the system by avoiding responsibility.” Never mind that the prime gamers are not the uninsured (whose unpaid bills cost “the system” less than $40 billion every year) but the underinsured covered by Medicare and Medicaid (whom private insurers cross-subsidize to the tune of over $90 billion annually because the government refuses to pay the full cost of their care). Still, he hectored: “Improving our health care system works only if everybody does their part.”

Obama didn’t say exactly how he would make “everyone do their part”—a question he posed repeatedly to Hillary. But his buddy Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), has some rather well-developed ideas on that score. Baucus has proposed a bill that would force the uninsured to pay fines on a sliding scale of income, with those making 300 percent of the poverty level having to cough up as much as $3,800 a year. In short, Americans would have to pay Uncle Sam for the privilege of remaining uninsured. If there were truth-in-labeling laws for Congress, it would be required to call this bill TonySopranoCare.

Which brings us to the second promise Obama broke Wednesday night: That he would impose no new taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. The penalties that the uninsured—all of whom, I would wager my grandma’s life support, make under $250,000—would face are certainly a tax. He also endorsed a business tax—err, fee—on employers who don’t provide adequate coverage that, under a House bill, would be about 8 % of payroll. They will pass this on to their employees in lower wages. And he signed up for an excise tax on high-end insurance plans—many of which are enjoyed by plain union folk, not those rich and famous making over $250,000. Under the Baucus bill, this tax would be as much as 35 percent of the cost of the plan. One would have thought that if the shame of breaking an explicit promise didn’t prevent Obama from imposing this last tax, then the logical absurdity of trying to reduce soaring insurance costs by taxing insurance plans would.

Make sure you read the whole piece for all the links, further details on how this government take over of the health care industry is just that regardless of what hey call it, and how the current insurers, “…will fold, causing further consolidation in the insurance marketplace-not more competition and choice.

If I were cynical, I’d say that’s part of the plan, that Obamacare is in fact a Trojan horse that will lead to the government putting the insurance companies out of business and putting themselves in control of our health insurance.

You know, exactly what those Democrat congressman say it is when they think there isn’t a video camera around.


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