Newt’s Ten Commandments for Health Care Reform

This is why the Republican’s need Newt Gingrich. Our party has a number of really smart guys and strong policy wonks who can craft legislation and, if given the chance to get a word in edgewise by the media, advocate for conservative principles. Then you have Newt Gingrich. He forms the Center for Health Information to do nothing but develop effective health care alternatives.

You know, besides also founding American Solutions, working on education reform, and dabbling a little as a documentary filmmaker.

His latest concerning health care is a check list. Everytime the President gives a speech on health care reform (he has a habit of repeating the same intellectually dishonest straw men ad nauseum) and for everything the President mentions, give him a point.

So without further adieu, from the home office on Strong Island, NY…

1. Does the President include litigation reform?

2. Does he include a section on saving money by stopping payments to crooks who are bilking the taxpayers for $70-120 billion each year in Medicare and Medicaid fraud?

3. Does his speech reject higher taxes?

4. Does it reject all government rationing of health services?

5. Does it reject any government run, bureaucratic health plan?

6. Is President Obama open to four or five bipartisan bills which could pass with big bipartisan majorities?

7. Is he for sustaining the Senate rule of 60 votes to ensure a bill that has wide, bipartisan support?

8. Does President Obama give any indication he is for increasing the power, information and choice of the individual and their doctor?

9. Does he focus on health, wellness, prevention, early detection and health management to avoid or control the severity of chronic diseases?

10. Does his plan invest in science and technology in order to increase innovation and accelerate the discovery and adoption of new discoveries and breakthroughs in diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes?

Read the whole thing because he goes into more detail with each one (I abreviated). Nothing here seems that radical, does it?

When the speech is over (or when you hear anyone give a speech on health care reform), add them up, and decide if that’s the health care reform bill for you.

I know for a fact, ObamaCare is not for me.


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