Blog Post No. 1,975 on Liberal Media Bias

After coming back from D.C. this past weekend and hearing the fair and balanced “journalists” from MSNBC deciding that disagreeing with the President equals racism, I’ve stopped watching. The network really has turned into an absolute fucking disgrace after Mr. Russert passed, which really is sad because he was the main reason I developed an interest in politics. Either way, I can get Joe and Mika on the radio, and just simply no longer felt like supporting any of the networks sponsors.

There’s always been media bias against conservatives, but it’s never been this flagrant and unapologetic before, and anyone who wants to throw Fox News and Rush Limbaugh at me can suck on NBC News and Bill Maher…and the Huffington Post…and the New York Times…and the Washington Post…

I would write out all my frustrations aboot the media, but McCain wordsmith Mark Salter is such a better writer than I am, I’d rather just ctrl+C ctrl+v. Especially after thi past Presidential election, he’s a whole lot angrier than I am.

Excesses of zeal by anti-Obama protestors make me ashamed for my country. As did excesses committed by anti-Bush protestors. Today’s “birthers,” are no more offensive or weird than those who believe the Bush Administration was complicit in planning the attacks of September 11 or invaded Iraq to increase the profits of defense companies. And, yet, it only seems to be rude or asinine behavior on the right that gives the press and other Washington elites the vapors. While on the left it is tolerated, attributed to provocations by the right, or in some cases invested with a virtuous significance it surely lacks.

Many thousands of demonstrators marched on the Washington Mall last Saturday to protest Democratic healthcare reform proposals, and the Obama administration’s record spending and centralization of economic power in the federal government. The Washington Post headlined the event as “Lashing Out at the Capitol.” I can’t recall the Post using a similar verb choice to characterize the expressions of anti- war protestors, some of whom carried posters bearing President Bush’s likeness in a Nazi uniform and Hitler moustache.

[The McCain Campaign was] somehow complicit with every intemperate jerk who shouted something obnoxious at any of our campaign events. Our ads about Democratic support for Fannie Mae were racist. Calling candidate Obama a “celebrity” was racist. Shouts of “murderer” or “warmonger” by Obama supporters or our opponent’s accusation that Senator McCain was anti immigrant or trying to steal grandma’s Medicare went largely unnoticed. And yet it was our candidate who often and publicly denounced crude or outrageous attacks on our opponent. The courtesy was seldom returned. McCain would have fired any staffer who said something or acted in a way that could fairly be described as racist. For his troubles, he was likened by a leading civil rights figure and Obama supporter to the murderers who killed three little African American girls. There was barely a murmur of protest by the press about that injustice.

When a prominent abortion doctor was murdered the shocked outrage in the press and establishment Washington was pervasive and appropriate. As a pro-life Catholic, I’m convinced that people who murder to advance the cause are destined for a special place in Hell. But I don’t think it’s just my subjective perception that the murder of a disabled pro-life protestor was met with considerably less interest and outrage here.

Yeah, that aboot covers it.


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