Michael Steele to Dems: “Suck It”

You knew it was coming. As soon as President Obama ran into trouble, his supporters (with NBC News being the worst offenders) were going to accuse his critics of being racist. This was evident during the election last year when people were willing to call Bill Clinton a racist and comparing Hillary Clinton to David Duke, just to protect their candidate. If open minded and tolerant liberal progressives were willing to play the race card against the Clintons, the rest of us were screwed.

So sure enough, opposing a massive government expansion into the health care industry is racist, yelling “you lie” is racist, acknowledging the President’s falling poll numbers is racist…really, any criticism of Barack Obama is inherently racist. And since I’ve yet to hear any of the Dems denounce Keith Olbermann and the Huffington Post, I can only assume all Democrats agree.

One person speaking out on it is RNC Chair Michael Steele, who is uniquely qualified to speak on racism. You know, because he has a mustache…

This summer, Americans had an opportunity to witness the miracle of our political system. All over the country ordinary American men and women, concerned about the Democrats’ policies coming out of Washington, took a stand and expressed their opposition. It was grassroots American political activism at its finest. Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike voiced their opinions in public forums to public officials. It was a shining example of how our Republic was designed to function. This activism has not faded with the summer sun. Last week Americans from all walks of life flooded Washington D.C. and continued their public opposition to President Obama’s government-run experiments.

As an African American, I know what racism is and that is not racism. Just like the millions of African Americans in this country who have fought and overcome on their way to the American dream, I have experienced racism firsthand. It is something you never forget. The civil rights movement helped to elevate the nation’s conscience on matters of race. Proud Americans, black and white, fought for too long and too hard to have the claim of racism be used in such a cavalier fashion. Blind charges of racism, where none exist, not only are an affront to those who have suffered the effects of racism, but it weakens our efforts to address true acts of racism and makes them more difficult to overcome.

It is becoming increasingly clear that some in the Democratic Party need a serious history lesson. Slavery was racist, Jim Crow laws were racist, segregation was racist – opposing a radical political agenda is not. Americans of all races and political mindsets applauded the election of America’s first African American president; it was a proud moment for every American. But our pride in electing an African-American president does not override our right to disagree with President Obama’s policies. It is obvious certain politicians are attempting to exploit racial anger to make up for their own policy failings.

Here’s my question, is Michael Steele racist for disagreeing with the President? What aboot the guy who endorsed Barack Obama, but recently criticized him for “overloading the circuits,” spending too much money, and rushing legislation. Is that guy a racist too?

Because that guy was Colin Powell.


4 thoughts on “Michael Steele to Dems: “Suck It””

  1. Other than claiming one race is more uniquely qualified to speak on the issue of race, (it’s an inherently racist statement, if you think about it), I liked and agreed with this.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I realised it was tongue in cheek. I just think it’s time to stand up to the assumption that racism is a white-against-black issue.

    My personal experience is that many whites were forced out of the cities through targeted violence based solely on skin colour. If being victim to race-based physical violence is less credible than being the victim of race-based name-calling or even job-discrimination, than we’re not talking about the same thing when we talk about racism.

    The whole culture that paints the urban landscape as the results of white discrimination seems to entirely dismiss the fact that many whites simply preferred to not be victims of violent racism.

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