Hey, apparently Mike Huckabee doesn’t like Mitt Romney…

I like Mike Huckabee. I really do. I think he has a lot of great ideas that need to be a part of our party, and think he advocates on behalf of a Pro-Life position better than everyone else. But, he really needs to let the grudge with Mitt Romney go.

No, Romney wasn’t nice to him during the 2007-2008 campaign season. Yes, Romney is the top banana anyone else who wants to run for President in a few years needs to take down. But between all the digs he took in his recent book, and his ability to work at lease one Mitt dis in just aboot every interview he gives, Mike Huckabee is just starting to look petty and thin skinned.

Point of fact, his speech at the Value Voters Summit last Friday. Put a bunch of conservatives in a room, and they’re going to criticize ObamaCare. Put a bunch of Republican 2012 hopefuls in a room, and they’re going to take a subtly dig at the health care plan Romney implemented while he was Governor of Massachusetts.

Put Mike Huckabee in a room…

Huckabee — who did serious damage to Romney’s presidential hopes last January by winning the Iowa caucuses and has made clear his disdain for the former Massachusetts governor — told the crowd at the conservative conference that the Bay State health care system is a model for the kind of government-run health care President Obama wants to implement.

“It’s going to bankrupt their entire budget,” Huckabee said of the Massachusetts system, which requires residents to purchase health care or risk tax penalties. “In fact, the only thing inexpensive about Massachusetts health care bill is that there you can get a $50 abortion.”

“Frankly if that’s where we’re headed with the public option and government run health care, thank you but no thank you, our wallets and our babies will be better off without it,” Huckabee said.



One thought on “Hey, apparently Mike Huckabee doesn’t like Mitt Romney…”

  1. Nothing turned me off to Huckabee more than his endless, gratuitous digs at Romney.

    As long as they were competing for the same nomination, I could understand it. But the nomination fight ended more than 18 months ago, and even before it did Huck’s below-the-belt class-envy took on an edge I didn’t want to in anyone inheriting the White House.

    I know politics is a bare-knuckle game. But today’s adversaries are tomorrow’s allies, and Huckabee’s grudge match hurt the GOP in 2008. I’m done with him.

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