Romney to Obama: “Bring it On, Champ”

If President Obama is over exposed being on all channels all the time (and not having anything new to say), his probable opponent for 2012 Mitt Romney is doing things the exact opposite. He comes out every so often, throws a few punches, reminds us why he should have been a candidate last year, and retreats back to whatever home he is living in that week.

That’s why, unlike the other possible candidates for 2012 that are in front of the camera’s much more frequently, when Romney gives a speech more people pay attention…like his speech on national security to the Heritage Foundation, or last Saturday speaking to the annual Values Voter Summit.

He didn’t break any new ground; the speech was more of a medley of conservative grievances against Dear Leader. However, if he hasn’t completely made up his mind if he’s running or not, it’s clear which way he’s leading…

In his roughly 20-minute speech before the summit, Romney attacked the president on a number of actions by his administration that have drawn GOP criticism. He went after the stimulus package passed earlier to revamp the economy. “Not one new job has been created,” Romney said. At one point, Romney mentioned Obama’s campaign pledge not to raise taxes on those making under $250,000. An attendee shouted “You lie!” — repeating Rep. Joe Wilson’s (R-S.C.) outburst against Obama during his healthcare reform speech to a joint session to Congress. That led to cheers from the crowd with Romney laughing, saying, “I approve that comment!”

Romney charged that Obama would double the national deficit in five years. That would unfairly saddle younger generations of Americans with so much debt, he argued. “That is why I believe that this spending and borrowing in not just economically irresponsible, it is morally wrong,” he said.

He also criticized the investigation by Attorney General Eric Holder into detainee abuses by CIA interrogators and said America should never have to apologize for its actions, like Romney alleged the president did on his trip abroad to Europe earlier this year. Romney also went after the administration healthcare reform efforts, saying the public option — a government-run insurance program espoused by the president— is really a takeover of the private insurance industry by Washington.

You can read the full speech here.  2012 can’t come fast enough.


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