Gingrich: “Don’t blame ACORN, blame Democrats”

I’ve mainly been amused by these ACORN videos more than I have been outraged or anything else. Jon Stewart nailed it when he mocked the media for getting scooped by “the cast of ‘High School Music 3’ with a video camera.” Unfortunately because of the Presidents past ties to the organization, and the media proving to me intellectually un-curious to anything that might prove problematic for Dear Leader, they tried to bury anything ACORN related as much as they could.

The sad thing is, the videos aren’t the most offensive. It’s that here you had an organization receiving federal money AND that was going to be working on the 2010 census, when they are currently under investigation for voter fraud in eleven different states. But since they’re a Democrat special interest group, no one seemed to care.

Now that ACORN is under extra scrutiny, former Speaker of the House (and JBdotC favourite) Newt Gingrich thinks we need to take a closer look, not at the organization, but at their enablers…

ACORN has a long history of engaging in voter fraud. Seventy ACORN staffers in 12 states have been convicted of voter registration fraud by adding such notables as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to the voter rolls. And the reason ACORN has continued to receive taxpayer funding despite these convictions – it has received federal funding totaling $54 million since 1994 – is the politicians its “community organizing activities” have served. Although it exists on paper to connect low-income families with affordable housing and social services, ACORN is in fact the political dirty tricks muscle of liberal Democrats.

Operating under a variety of names and both tax-exempt and non-tax-exempt legal structures, ACORN, according to a recent House report, engages in “a criminal conspiracy … to launder federal money in order to pursue a partisan political agenda and to manipulate the American public.” Here’s how the deal works: Liberal politicians ensure that ACORN continues to receive federal grants through agencies like the Department of Housing and Urban Development and, in turn, ACORN turns out shock troops to support liberal programs and candidates.

Before yesterday’s historic vote, no fewer than seven amendments that would have prohibited or conditioned the receipt of federal funds by ACORN were defeated by the majority Democrats in the House in the past year. In one case, House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers, D-Mich., said that “the powers that be” in the Democratic-controlled House had put a stop to an investigation of the group. The excuse offered by ACORN’s remaining defenders is essentially this: Sure, the tapes are reprehensible, but otherwise, ACORN does good work in poor communities. This excuse is unconvincing when used by defenders of the terrorist group Hamas and it’s unconvincing here. Americans can no longer allow Washington to turn a blind eye – much less fund – an organization that uses the suffering of our most vulnerable citizens as a cover for its illegal and illicit activities.

Read the whole piece because a) he goes into a lot more detail, and b) it’s a newt Gingrich article. Politically speaking, I like Newt’s style here. He seems to alternate between bi-partisanship (working with Al Sharpton on education reform), loyal opposition (health care reform), and editorials like this where he takes a big ol’ bucket of raw meat and throws it out into the blogosphere.

The more I think aboot it, while I’d prefer him on the top of the ticket, the more I like the sound of Vice-President Gingrich. Pawlenty/Gingrich ’12?


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