Charlie Crist Hearts Acorn, Jeb Speaks Out

Now that two teenagers with a video camera exposed ACORN for helping pimps and prostitutes evade taxes, the Democrats who supported them are running for cover. Granted, some of us are wondering where everyone was while ACORN was under investigation for voter fraud in twelve states while still receiving federal money AND a role in collecting the census data, but what the hey? And expose is and expose.

Regardless, most Democrat pollsters are in agreement that they should run as far away from the organization as possible, for the sake of their political career. But what if it was a Republican? What if, for sake of argument, a Republican Governor dismissed concerns aboot ACORN when his legislature called on him to do something? What if the Governor is currently running for Senate, with a young conservative upstart challenging him for the nomination?

Oh, Gov. Charlie Crist

[Florida House Majority Leader Adam] Hasner and other Republicans have long accused the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now of perpetrating voter fraud. But Republican Gov. Charlie Crist pooh-poohed those concerns in Florida last year when John McCain’s presidential campaign tried to make them an issue. And Crist voiced concerns this year when Hasner and other Republicans pushed for heightened restrictions and stiffer penalties for groups like ACORN that specialize in voter-registration and petition drives. The legislation died.

For those of you wondering, his opponent Marco Rubio is calling on him to cut off all state funding to the organization. No word from the Gov. though.

And just for good measure, since I think the last thing the GOP needs is a Senator who claims he’ll be just like Arlen Specter, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush spoke out on the race…

Bush said national party leaders should not be trying to push Crist as aggressively as they have. He said Rubio deserved a fair shot against Crist in a primary. “I think he should be given a chance. I think that the idea that the national party would pick a winner a year and a half before an election is the wrong way to go.”


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