Sarah Palin: Mad Genius or Forrest Gump?

Death Panels.

I still say it’s a stupid phrase, but it’s a stupid phrase that Gov. Sarah Palin said once, in quotation marks to describe a part of HR 3200, on her Facebook page. It was then the Democrats and the media, who thought they’d be doing the President a favor by demagoging her and making her the face of the opposition, who proceeded to say the words “death panels” hundreds and hundreds of times. So if you’re an average citizen juggling work and family, who only gets to catch the news for a little bit, all you would hear aboot health care reform was death panels.

BTW, there were more than a few liberals who agreed with her (while still calling her an idiot) and the portion of the bill in question was removed, but who needs details?

What’s funny aboot this is that Palin never left her house, and caused all this commotion simply by posting a note on her Facebook, an alternative method of getting your message out there people are starting to pay attention to…

Relying almost exclusively on social media to get her message out, Palin has managed to carve out her own high-profile place in the national health care debate, on energy policy and on tort reform. While Palin isn’t the only major political figure to try alternative means of communication to bypass the media, her unique ability to remain in the headlines while avoiding the spotlight suggests she may be the first to pull it off successfully.

For several days in August, the national health care debate turned to focus on so-called “death panels,” in large part because of two widely-publicized Palin Facebook posts accusing Democratic authors of the House proposal of creating bureaucratic entities to decide end of life care. The post was immediately rebuked by Democrats, and even by some Republicans, as untrue and irresponsible. But rather than immediately firing back at her critics when reporters came calling for a response, or issuing a press release defending her claim, Palin waited five days to post her response on Facebook.

The post, simply titled “concerning the ‘death panels,’” went up shortly before midnight on a Wednesday night. By late Thursday morning, a write up of her statement was on the homepage of dozens of national and local newspapers. The post also quickly became one of the most mentioned topics within the political blogosphere. “I can’t answer what her strategy is, but I can say that it’s working,” said GOP strategist Mary Matalin. “A large issue of why this works is that she has been so demonized and made fun of by the mainstream press.”

Read the whole piece, as it goes into more details. I don’t know what Sarah Palin’s game is here. I never thought she was going to run for President in 2012, and still don’t. But she’s planning something.


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