Ted Nugent Hearts Michael Moore

Apparently Michael Moore has another movie coming out, “Capitalism: A Love Story.” Surprisingly enough, I’m not really a fan. His schtick bores me, there’s nothing he says that I can’t get from 1,001 liberal bloggers, and as was evident from a debate a few years back (when “Sicko” was out) against Dr. Sanjay Gupta, he doesn’t seem to do so well when a) his opponent actually knows what they’re talking aboot, and b) he can’t manipulate their response in the editing room.

This movie is particularly laughable because he denounces capitalism (like everyone other liberal progressive) even though he’s made his name and fortune because of capitalism (again, like every other liberal progressive). So yeah, I’ll be skipping this one. I’ll just let cats like your hero and mine Ted Nugent watch the movie so I don’t have to.

So sayeth the Nuge…

In true Moore style, he is attacking the very economic system that supplies him with capital to make goofy movies that only goofy, out-of-touch people pay to see. Brilliant. Indeed, it is a mad, mad, mad world. Michael Moore qualifies for a documentary award like I deserve a PETA “save the whales, fur is murder” award. Go figure. Moore attacks the wealthy in this new movie — even though he is one — yet I wonder if he has the intellectual guts and honesty to admit that it is the wealthy who made the sacrifices and put in the time and effort in order to own the businesses that employ everyone else and drive the highest quality of life the planet has ever known. (Is the experiment on drugs still going on?)

What Moore and his idol, President Obama, fail to understand is that soaking the rich with higher taxes ultimately equates to middle class jobs disappearing, the very Americans ol’ Mikey claims to care about. One of these days the economic numbskulls amongst us will figure that out. If not, they will go through life feeding on table scraps instead of steak. Moore and I share one thing in common: we both hail from the once great state of Michigan where unemployment is now roughly 15%. Michigan is an economic train wreck primarily due to decades of the automobile industry and liberal government goons making anti-capitalism decisions that ultimately doomed my beloved home state.Michigan is now paying the price for those suicidal decisions straight from the cult of denial, of which Moore is surely the high priest. Like really high.

Socialism has forever failed around the world to provide anything resembling justice or quality of life, but still Moore believes socialism is far superior to capitalism. Moore believes more government, not less, is the answer. Anyone with any economic sense of reality knows that socialism is a brain dead system that enslaves people instead of freeing them. Ultimately, those who rail against capitalism are people who claim they need to be babysat, bailed out and subsidized. They are either uneducated, ignorant, unskilled, scared or — for any number of reasons — fatalists accepting to be ill equipped to compete in the economic arena where the entrepreneurial dust is swirling and the sweat of excellence is flying unabated. Instead of complimenting those who do compete in the economic arena, Moore, Obama and others of their ilk condemn and chastise the entrepreneurs instead of complimenting them. Mikey is czar of Bizzarro world.

You can read the rest here.


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